Ok I was bad...sorry!

  1. OK first of all thanks everybody for the great & wise advice, and I was full of good intentions when I went by my usual retailer, they had a lovely sapin day but it was just too green for me and a gorgeous greige work but that's too big for me so I just couldn't resist and ordered the greige day unseen. Without possibility to exchange. I will see what happens.
    I know I was bad and unwise :shame: but please don't :noggin: :lecture: me.
    I won't get it before a week or so, please keep your fingures crossed, I just hope it will be amazing and if not....
  2. Cat! I would say most likely you made a great decision (we won't know until you get it). The greige's I have seen have had amazing leather so chances are it will be FABULOUS!!!!!! So, congrats!
  3. oh, catcat...as long as YOU like it... we're happy for you.
    it's YOUR money and YOUR bag, so don't ever let our opinions get in your way :P
    i'll cross my finger and hope you're happy with your decision :yes:
    congrats, dear...
  4. You will love it because it will be yours! People have been saying that the greiges are nice - congrats!
  5. Catcat, I never got around to responding to your last thread when you were asking for advice, but if it's any comfort to you now, I was going to vote for you taking a chance! I have never seen a bbag with bad leather. They are all beautiful to me in one way or another, and I really, really enjoy the immense variety in types of leather and coloring in these bags. It's like they have personality. How can you go wrong?
  6. Yeppers, I have yet to see a greige with really yucky leather. Congratulations, Cat! :yahoo:
    And I second Seahorse - we are here to help you decide, but ultimately the decision is yours... if you're happy with the purchase, we'll be thrilled for you, and if you're sad, we'll be here to commiserate. :love:
  7. Congrats on your new bag. I dont think I have ever read anyone not being happy with the greige. Awesome color.
  8. Hoozah!!! :yahoo: Welcome to the greige family - you will :heart: it!!!!! No worries, I bought my greige city unseen and it is the most beautiful bag...my SA assured me that the leather on the greige bags are the most uniform out of the '06 colors, and with such a neutral color you can't go wrong!
  9. :yahoo: Yay for you cat! I was one of those chanting go for it! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. When I saw your greige city I was more than amazed.
    Powderpuff also sounds really in :heart: with hers.

    I had seen a greige city IRL but that was when I was in the mood for red...
    I think it will look great in the day and since I don't mind a lot of veins in that color...I hope it will work out well.

    allyboobop, déco... Now what made me think that you would react that way ???:P

    I hope I will be able to get it by next week, I start being really impatient.
  11. Perhaps you already know we're insane gluttons and never saw a bbag we didn't like? :nuts:
  12. catcat - YAY for you! I'm so glad you took the chance. In case you didn't see my response, here's what I posted in your original thread


    Well, I might be in the minority but here goes...

    I've seen 6 greige b bags...2 day's 1 city and 3 twiggys. All of them had consistently soft and squishy leather. The griege bags seem to be much more consistent.

    So if it was me, I would take the chance and go for it.:smile:
  13. Thanks livethelake, I followed your thread very closely, it was the one that made me really want a greige day. So you should feel partly responsible for the fact that I succombed...:P

    Deco insane gluttons, I must think about that one, I actually started loosing weight when I got more and more consumed with b-bags :yahoo:
  14. Ooh, Cat, I'm sure she'll be beautiful! Congratulations, and pretty please post pictures when she arrives!
  15. Ah, so you traded one form of gluttony for another ;)