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  1. Any suggestions? I want really white teeth...I don't know if anyone has seen 'Transformers', but I love the super white shade that Megan Fox's teeth are.

    I have looked into Brite Smile, but I want to know if this is the way to go to get the best results.

    I have fairly white teeth as it is, but I would love to see them a few shades lighter:yes:

  2. I had my dentist make custom trays for me (I believe it was around $250) and puchased a 10% and a 15% gel solution (it comes in a syringe) that you squirt into the trays and you keep them in for 4 hours. I would usually just sleep with them. That really began hurting my teeth because they are super sensitive.

    Now I use Professional Strength Crest Whitestrips that can only be purchased through your dentist. They only have to be on 30 minutes and they work just as well as the messy trays. I just stick em on while I do my makeup/hair.

    These also make my teeth sensitive but hey, no one said beauty was easy and pain free! I always get compliments on my teeth though and it makes me feel great :smile:

    My sister did the Brite Smile thing for her wedding and was more happy with the over the counter drugstore Crest Whitestrps than Brite Smile. I am sure everyone is different though.
  3. I did Zoom! and it was the only thing that truly got my teeth whiter. It hurt like a &*#(@ but I also have sensitive teeth.
  4. Hmm maybe I will have to check Zoom! out...
  5. If you go for any of the whitening treatments, use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for about 2 weeks before you go. If not, it will hurt like a b$tch!
  6. Crest Whitestrips, used religiously have worked wonders on my sisters and I. My youngest sister used them all the time and her teeth are blindingly white. BUT she also doesn't drink coffee nor does she smoke!

  7. Oh good idea! Thanks!
  8. I recommend getting them professionally done by the dentist. I had mine done and get compliments all the time on how white my teeth are. My teeth have always been sensitive to cold and the whitening process did not hurt at all nor were my teeth more sensitive.
  9. I would advise trying the Crest Whitestrips (regular strength you can buy at the drugstore). It's one of the cheapest & most effective methods. I think it's worth a try since it's so much cheaper than having it done professionally.
  10. I did the professional trays made my the dentist with the solution they sell and was disappointed. My teeth were fairly white to begin with, but I was expecting more of a difference. I was thinking about Zoom but at my dentist they told me I'd have to sit there with the mouth guard thing in my mouth for about THREE hours! I guess it takes a while to set it all up and then they do three sets of 15 minutes I think with time in between to touch up the mouth guard thing, etc. I just couldn't imagine sitting there for that long with my mouth forced open. Ugh! Otherwise I would totally have loved to have tried it.
  11. I am obsessed with white teeth. I tried zoom once, but my teeth didn't get any whiter because according to my dentist, my teeth are already white. I even use crest whitening strips, but they don't whiten my teeth anymore. The best product I've found is Plus White: 5 minute speed whitening gel. I use it religiously every day for 30 minutes twice daily even though you're only suppose to use it for like 5 minutes, haha. :p

  12. I recently got custom trays, and gel for free. I've yet to try it out! I've heard a lot about Crest Strips, if you've got fairly to perfectly straight teeth you should be fine with just these. Even my dentist said the results are almost the same as the tray and laser.
  13. i had my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist, it was a lot of money, but definitly worth it.

  14. Can you get it at Target/etc, or is it through the dentist?:smile:
  15. You might want to ask your dentist if he/she has Crest Whitestrips Professional. It's a higher concentration formulation than you can get in the stores. I bought a package for about $70 and it will last me about a year. My dentist told me that if you go to Brite Smile, they actually recommend that you maintain the treatment by using Whitestrips.