Ok I think I now want a Violet BBag. Is it hard to find?

  1. To everyone who got a Violet, did you have to be on waiting lists or is this color now easily findable? I may want it in the Step style or possibly the City. Am I too late? :confused1:
  2. I think some stores still might get the city in but there are long waitlists so I can't say how far down the lists you would fall. As far as the step, I don't know.
  3. I wasn't on a waitlist, my store just got one and I took her home! Try calling around or Aloha Rag perhaps?
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  5. Me too. I got SOoooo lucky.:tup:

    Call around, there might be one with your name on it.
  6. Hi,
    Try calling Trey @ Neiman Marcus in Charlotte. I had gotten one from him, but returned it and kept the GSH Violet City instead. He may not have it, but he might be able to locate it for you. If he can't, try calling James @ the Atlanta Neimans. They don't carry Balenciaga, but he has always been able to get his hands on what the other stores have. Their # is 1-800-555-5077. Tell him Jamie sent you. Good Luck! :yes: Let us know what you find!
  7. Also, there is always eBay
  8. Violet Work with SGH at NM Denver today, also violet day with SGH
  9. I think Aloha Rag would have the Step and maybe still have some of the others...:yes:
  10. HGBags has a Violet Matelasse I think & Cult Status in Australia is expecting a new shipment of heaps of Violet (unsure exact styles but I know they are expecting the First & City) in October...
  11. Last SAT, I saw one Violet day with SGH in NM Vegas. Good Luck!
  12. NM Austin had a few violet GH bags there. Ask for Michael -- he's nice.
  13. There was a Violet Brief with SGH at NM in Houston.
  14. ;)How about a partime with sgh??
    Any sights???
    Just sold my work to get one smaller:crybaby:oh life goes on.:wlae:
  15. can i a stupid question? What is NM stand for and how could i contact NM denver?