Ok, I think I have to give in to GH....please help


Which GH bag should I get?

  1. GH Sandstone work

  2. GH Natural brief

  3. Neither.. save your money.

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  1. I've been trying really hard to convince myself that I don't want or need a GH bag but seeing all the gorgeous GH pics doesn't help. I keep trying to tell myself that it's too trendy/ flashy and that I'm not a gold person but it's not working. Of course I don't NEED one but I keep thinking about one....or two. I have about 12 RH bags and I think I should add one GH bag to my collection. NOW....I just need help as to which bag I should get. I have two in mind that I've been lusting over. So, should it be a Sandstone GH work, Natural GH brief or neither? I already have a RH natural part-time but I love the natural/GH combo. I really appreciate all your votes and opinions!!:flowers:
  2. Sandstone is amazing! Love, love, love Sandstone!!! It is such a beautiful neutral and I believe easier to care for than natural.

    GH is going to make that bag scream STYLE! Seriously that will be one pretty bag!
  3. the brief! i think it looks soooo hot with GH!
  4. Sandstone with GH is gorgeous!

  5. I voted Brief with GH as well. The shape just seems to lend itself really well to looking fantastic with the GH...
  6. you picked the best two colors for the GH. i really don't think you can go wrong with either one. but i do like the GH with the brief style just a tad better. good luck!
  7. Brief! Brief! Brief! I just got the Natural GH Brief from LVR 2 weeks ago, and I've used it every day since. It has become my new favorite B-bag, and that is saying a lot! My other B-bags are sitting sadly in their dustbags, feeling neglected!

    The color is totally classy...neutral yet NOT boring! The GH makes it look very elegant. The shape is classic and ladylike...but you do have to be OK with larger bags. It is not a petite bag. For reference, I'm 5'2" and 103 pounds and although it looks big on me, somehow it works! I use it as a work bag.
  8. KristyDarling - would you have a pic of you wearing it?
  9. As u already had a natural part timr, so another vote for the GH sandstone, the sandstone w/gh is gorgeous!
  10. I will go for GH sandstone work instead....since i'm lookin for a work style, i think sandstone is a great color...hehehe
  11. i vote for GH sandstone work.
  12. Sandstone Work!! The GH looks so nice with the Sandstone and I like the Work better than the Brief.
  13. I'm for the GH Sandstone Work!:love: