ok. I think I get Hermes now. But I dont understand 2 things about it!

  1. Ok. I get Hermes. :heart:

    I understand all about the Birkin. :yahoo:

    I know the colors. :wlae:

    I understand the difference between the sizes. :okay:

    BUT ...

    I still dont understand the whole thing with the leather and hardware. :confused1:

    Can someone please explain these 2 things for me?

    How many leathers are there? What's the best? What's the second best? Which leather is the most popular? Does it affect price? etc etc etc

    Also, for the hardware. What's the difference between the hardwares? Whats the best? Most popular? Does it affect the price?

    Thanks all!!!
  2. There are many types of leather, i.e. grainy, smooth, exotic and non-exotic. Different leather has different price. The most expensive one is crocodile. The smaller the scale, the more expensive it is.

    There is no such term as 'the best' leather in Hermes. All leathers used by Hermes to make their leather goods are the highest quality and Hermes in notoriously picky about it. The best will be determined by individual preference.

    For hardware, there is gold-plated, silver palladium, ruthenium and white gold with diamonds.
  3. mimi23, you should take a look at HermesGroupie's leather book, in the Hermes Reference subforum:


    She wonderfully explains the different qualities of the different leathers that Hermes offers.

    What's so great about Hermes is that you can order a Birkin to go along with your lifestyle and/or look...if you are active and your bags tend to go through considerable rough and tumble, there is a sturdy leather that can withstand it (i.e.- Togo and clemence).

    If you are after a Birkin that is more dressy, the smoother and/or structured leathers (i.e. Box, Chevre, Swift) will probably be more your style . There really is no "best" and "second best" leather. What's so great is that you can pick a leather that is best for you. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

    As for the prices, it depends on the availability and how special the leather is. Togo and Clemence are less expensive compared to Box and Chevre. In terms of the hardware, there is no price difference between the Palladium and the Gold Hardware.
  4. ok ok I'm understanding the leather little by little. But in your opinion what's the most popular?

    I think its the togo and clemence because in the reference library nearly everyone owns one of these leathers. am i right?

    My worry is that it will look too stiff and the color wont show.
  5. Mimi23 - the leathers do take the colours differently and they are popular for different reasons.

    Work the other way - and figure out what YOU need the leather to do. When you know exactly what you need from a bag and how you will use it - then your leather choice becomes more straight forward.
  6. I also think Togo and Clemence are the most popular...Clemence is not stiff, and is actually quite slouchy. Togo is stiffer, but can soften up. As for the color "showing", it depends on what leather you choose. Smoother leathers like Swift are really great with bright colors.

    Why don't you visit your local Hermes boutique and ask to look at the leatherbook there? They have swatches that you can see and feel...and I'm sure an SA there would be happy to help you figure out the best leather for you :yes:
  7. mimi - thanks so much for your help. But the SA's in London are so snobby and refuse to show me anything. All I get from them is 'The waitlist is closed' and 'Sorry there are no lookbooks for the Birkin and Kelly'.
  8. I think that togo (followed closely by clemence) is the most popular for it's durability and soft feel. The most common hardwares are gold and palladium (silver), though there is also brushed gold, brushed paaldium, ruthenium (a darker, gunmetal silver), guioche (a cross-hatch, diamond-shaped pattern), and of course the diamond-encrusted white gold.
  9. Well, you could also go in and ask to look at small leather goods, they have a good selection of leathers in those as well, ask what they are called, and what their characteristics are in terms of durability, etc. If you see something you love, you could ask if it comes in bags as well, some do, some do not.

    It really is a matter of your preference and lifestyle, some people love exotics, some love embossed leathers, some love veined leathers, some hate them....some people need bags for special events, some need them to slog to soccer games....for this kind of $$ you need to make a perfect match, and it takes time and patience.

    You could also ask to look at bags that catch your eye, simply asking what leather such and such a bag is made of will help you get familiar.
  10. Hop on the Eurostar and go to Paris, to the mothership or the boutique near George V.
  11. Which store did you go to? Old Bond Street? or Sloane Street?
  12. Part of the popularity equation is that these leathers are most readily available, compared to others.
  13. I will simply reiterate what the other ladies here said that it's best to go to the boutique and have a look at their small leather goods if there is no leather/color catalog. From personal experience, when I was just starting out in finding my Birkin, I always heard people talk about clemence and how durable and soft it is. After getting several H bags with other leathers, I eventually got the clemence Birkin I wanted from the start but realized that it was not the leather of my preference in a Birkin. I do like clemence though in a Lindy!

    So, it's really best that you have a feel for the leather and what you would like your bag to do so that you can narrow down your choices.
  14. Totally agree with MrsSparkles. Sometimes you can only get what they have to give.

    I made all these plans about how I wanted my first Birkin to be, and when it came down to it, I accepted the first one offerred to me. And it is fabulous. I've really grown to appreciate her!

    Planning for one is really about doing a special order ... when you have the chance.
  15. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes. Its a slippery slope my friend.