ok I returned it all and got this instead and I LOVE IT, I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!

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  1. Yes unfortunately I was not loving the gold laced sig hobo and wallet or the sig khaki/choc lg carly and wallet, yeah I loved the wallet but I had it for soo long and never used it, so I took it as a sign to return - sorry don't kill me!

    SO I returned all of this:


    and I got this instead and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

    ok I saw it in the current catalog and at first I wasn't really diggin it........plus I wasn't really a fan of the same bag in the sig fabric but seriously, I LOVE THIS.............YAY. Of course I got the matching wallet but unfortunately, my store was out of it, so it's on order and I should be getting it soon, prob about a week...........my SA forgot to overnight it so I have to wait snail time for it.

    Anywho...........on with the pics.........................
  2. hurry!! i wanna see...
  3. oh and funny story..........while I was in the Coach store on rodeo..........guess who was right across the way at the YSL store...........VICTORIA BECKHAM. Of course I didn't see her, but I saw a HUGE crowd of paparazzi and other people taking pics outside the store. I was hoping she would come out so I could see her but unfortunately, she went out the back door! But I'm pretty sure I saw a tpf'er in the Coach store.............SOMEONE was there with a orange Hermes bag, I forgot her name but we met at one of the tpf meets that beljwl organized. I want to say her real name starts with a K....but I'm not sure.
  4. ok sorry, here is the pic of what I got and the wallet is this style but the exact same matching color as my bag:

    wallet - http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/drilldown1/41056_d1.jpg

    my new bag that I'm in LOVE with: MISS CARLY LEATHER PLATINUM!!! :yahoo:

  5. you really have to see this in person, the color is soo cool. It's kinda marbled with two colors..........silver and gold together. It's kinda hard to take a pic of it since my house is dark right now, but here is a macro pic..........


    and a dark modeling pic:


  7. Gorgeous! And Congrats! Love the wallet too.
  8. That bag is so pretty! It is unique and I bet you will get lots of compliments on it. Isn't the Rodeo store great? I usually go to Century City because parking is so much easier but Rodeo always has great shoes & legacy stuff.
  9. I love metallic and that is a gorgeous bag. Glad you exchanged it for something you really love.
  10. I always park in the same spot..........2 hrs free parking and it's right on rodeo practically. IF you are on rodeo going North, turn Left onto Brighton way and there is a structure right there on the left. So it's one block after Wilshire off Rodeo.............make sense??
  11. Oh my gosh it is delicious!!!!! I liked both your bags and wallets before but this is divine! :drool: Please keep us posted on how it wears and ages!!!! Congrats on your purchase, yum yum :heart::love:
  12. it looks gd on you!
  13. Yes....makes sense :smile: Thanks!
  14. Oh congrats! That bag is stunning and looks fabulous on you! That is totally one of my favorite bags our of the new catalog! :drool:

    Is the leather really soft or more structured?

    The Rodeo store is so much fun. I used to go to the one at the Grove more, because I love eating at Maggiano's!

    It is awesome that you returned somethings your weren't using for new goodies you love!

    Have you taken her out yet or are you waiting on the wallet to use everything together?
  15. I love it, looks great on you and it seems like your REALLY like this bag wich is the most important part.