OK, I REEEALLY Want (Need?) a Large Clutch!!! HELP!

  1. I'm on a complete rampage to find a large clutch in a bright color--so far, I've only found them in black, mastic, etc...all basics/neutrals...

    has ANYONE seen a Large Clutch (RH or GH) in any other colors?? And, if so...WHERE???????

    Help!! :hysteric:

  2. Anyone??? :confused1:
  3. Can you post a pic of the style (both RH and GH)? I'm not sure I know the style. Is it a new one?
  4. There is a Violet GHW envelope clutch available at Nordies SAC: ask for Carol :tup:
  5. i saw a red GSH envelop in Barneys boston along with the flat clutch (wristlet?) in ocean GSH. i loved both! very very gorgeous.
  6. there is a violet GSH at NM Las Vegas - ask for Charlie!
  7. There's a Violet GSH envelope Clutch in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, in sunny Scotland! :roflmfao: