Ok I need your opinion!

  1. Which one do you like better?

    Large Ergo tote in Vintage leather ($411, Sale) or Camel leather ($428)?
  2. Vintage!!!
  3. Vintage. I think it has so much more character than the camel.
  4. Ok here comes the problem....


    Pros - I LOOOOOVE THE COLOR! it will go with alot of my clothing.. I can get this at the Coach store still.
    Cons - Scratches easily, everyone has it. A little too clean/classic looking for me.


    Pros - I LOOOOVE THE LEATHER! Its a $548 bag for only $411. Less common. Vintage is more my style. More durable.
    Cons - I have to get it at Macys for that price, not in love with the color as much!
  5. have any pictures?
    I wanna see!
  6. When they first came out, I really wanted the Maude (the $998 XL vintage ergo tote) because I loved the color and leather on that one, more than the regular camel.

    I was going to settle for the camel because I could afford that, and it was kind of close to the vintage leather, if a little bit "flat" by comparison.

    When I found out they made the vintage one in a large size, I jumped on it. That's the one I now own. I LOVE it. The leather is absolutely durable, like you said, and I really love the color.

    If you prefer the camel color of the vintage color though, then there doesn't seem to be much of a choice. Don't buy the vintage one just because it's a good deal. It scratches easily too, just like regular leather. My nails get it all the time. I can mostly rub out the scratches with my fingers, but still, it happens.

    The vintage leather will only get darker and more rich the more you use it, so if you're already not liking the color, then you probably won't like it even more once it starts to age. I'd say the camel sounds like the one for you.
  7. VINTAGE is TDF! :drool:
  8. ahhh, thanks!

    Vintage is my vote! That's a beautiful leather:yes:
  9. LOVE the vintage leather. :girlsigh:
  10. I think the vintage would look FAB on you REY! The color is so gorgeous and would look great summer and winter.
  11. I say VINTAGE leather! :woohoo: It's TDF! :drool:
  12. I vote vintage too!
  13. I loooove the vintage!
  14. Vintage, baby!