OK I need someone to hold my hand...

  1. And walk me through using my mono speedy 35!! I am SO PARANOID about ruining the vachetta (not so much patina...more like water spots, etc) that I NEVER use it!:crybaby: :cursing:

    Don't get me wrong, I looooove my Damier Speedy, but I use it every day and feel that my mono speedy is just sitting in its dustbag, sad...:crybaby:

    What do you guys tell yourselves so that you relax and just let whatever is going to happen happen?? I know that some of you treat your bags with Shining Monkey, etc. but THAT makes me nervous as well!!

    I feel like such a basket case!!:wtf:
  2. Get Monkey Shine Now!!!
  3. LOL do you use it?? Does it darken/change the leather at all???

    OMG I am like a nervous mother dropping her kid off at preschool!!!
  4. Yes, I do, I was once paranoid much like yourself but I got monkeyshine sprayed my handles and trim, let it set for awhile and the rest is history. I've noticed the bags that I've sprayed take longer to darken than the ones not treated also.
  5. :flowers: relax..a lot of ppl can help u here! sorry..not a monogram person..

  6. Use a nice foulard to cover the part of the handles that come into contact with your palm.
  7. i don't protect mine with anything, and i've never had problems with water spots and such... you should probably just relax and just use the bag. it's a waste if it's just sitting there...
  8. I have the same problem. i'm thinking of buying a damier for that reaseon. It's still stupid not to use our bags but we are still affraid
  9. Relax and use the bag. I purchased my speedy in May 2006. Last week, I carried in a heavy mist, and yes, the leather did get spotted. By the time I got home, the leather had dried and there were no water marks.
  10. Just use it! I babied mine when I first got my bag but after the handles got darker, I don't baby it as much anymore. I don't worry as much anymore. In fact, my BF worries about it more than I do. It's a bag, it's meant to be used.
  11. Use it and enjoy it. You can always have the handles and chads replaced for about $150.00 if something bad happens!
  12. A few weeks ago I got the Stephen mono and as soon as I opened the box and took it out of the dust bag I sprayed it with Shining monkey. I had butterflys in my stomache and felt like I was going to throw up to be honest...lol...fear of the unknown. It dried and I applyed another coat. It looks fabulous. I have been in Chicago the last 3 weeks and not ONE water spot, stain etc. (and it has rained and snowed here!!!) I will use that stuff on every Lv bag I get from now on (with vachetta)
    Go get some girl, so you can enjoy your bag!!!! :smile:
  13. i dont spray anything on my mono speedies

    i just use them, and if they get dirty, they get dirty

    its gives my bag character, i know that im the only one in the world with this patina on my bag :smile:
  14. I got all crazy at walmart the other day with my mom because i noticed some spots on my handles..

    but i realized that I bought the bag so I could enjoy it, so I dont worry anymore..like Sophia says, it gives it character and uniqueness (if that's a word..lol..)
  15. What a waste to spend so much money on a gorgeous bag and then not be able to use it!!

    I don't treat any of my bags EVER and I've NEVER had a problem with water spots or anything at all. The bag is meant to be used....I say if you're too scared to use it then just sell it and get something you won't be too scared of ruining.