Ok, I need some spider help!

  1. **Calling Spiderman, calling Spiderman!!!**

    So while I wouldn't mind good ol' Spidey as a visitor at my house, I have a spider problem that I cannot get rid of!!

    We moved to our house in July and we live feet away from a tree line of about 13 trees. We also have 3 huge trees that surround our house.

    Now that the nights are getting cooler (freezing, really!) those pesky little terds are starting to infest our house. We bug bombed last week and didn't have a spider in sight, and today alone we have killed 5! Crap!! I am not a spider girl at all, and let me tell you, this last one tonight was effing huge!!!!!

    So, can you offer some advice? What can I do to get rid of these freakin' things???

    (Thanks in advance for your help!!!)
  2. I think it's pretty normal this time of year to have spiders in your house...We've had a few, too, and don't have any trees near us! If it's any consolidation, those spiders will eat those pesty mosquitos! I don't know if an exterminator will be able to do anything, but you may end up with another bug problem if those spiders are gone.

    My best bed would be to keep on doing what you're doing
  3. I have an exterminator come and spray EVERY MONTH!!!
    I swear that helps..I rarely get ANY bugs EVER!!!
    Regular sprays keep the pests away!
  4. We've had an exterminator come already...a few times and they still come back. I am sure that it is a "cold weather" thing (where they are trying to come in to get warm...) but it bites! :push: