Ok, I need some boy problem advice :o)

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  1. I've been dating a guy since the end of December when I was home for winter break from school. He lives an hour away from me, but things WERE fantastic. Now it's like I see him every two weeks or so and only for a few hours at a time. He doesn't call, doesn't text often. He works fulltime as an investment banker about halfway between my house and his, so you'd think some nights after work we could go to dinner or a movie. Not anymore. I don't know how to approach him about how I'm feeling, or if it's even worth it to bring it up. When I'm with him, things are fantastic... and when I'm not with him he just sounds like a complete jerk. He's nice to me and stuff, but when I get upset with him for cancelling on me (three times in one week!) he claims that I have an attitude. I don't get how he can get upset with me because he was the one who caused it. Tonight I asked him out to shoot pool but instead he wanted to go down to Uni (a place in St Paul where they do street racing on the weekends) and he made a comment, "Well I want to hang out with my friends sometimes" and I'm wondering how that is a legitimate argument because it's not like I'm the one "hogging" his time. When I called him on it he told me to fix my attitude. I'd never call myself needy or clingy, but c'mon... it's getting a little ridiculous. Any advice from y'all? Should I try to approach him and hope he doesn't flip? Or should I just leave him? I really don't know... :mad:

    Edit: Here's another thing that happens that I HATE. I've been losing weight and every time he sees me he says something like, "You're losing weight, when you're all thin you're going to leave me for someone better looking." WHAT??!? UGH. Thanks for the encouragement, guy.
  2. I'm sorry to hear this. My experience with man like this is: Play the diva and turn the game around. Don't call him anymore. When he asks you out next time tell him you are busy and that you can't not more. Cancel a date. Guys like this want to hunt and they are not really interested in an easy target. Make yourself unreachable for him. O.K there is still the risk that he's happy about it and that the whole thing is ending but you don't want to be treated like this from a guy. But it might very well be that he's on the hook when you are the one that's going out with your friends, is not calling or texting. Seems like he feels very secure that you'll be there when he wants to. Discussing with him doesn't seem to go to anywhere.
    I'm actually very happy that I'm out of the dating game because it gets tiring and a man that really likes you doesn't treat you like this.
    You just have to make up your mind if you want to put the energy into it. I hope that it turns aout good for you. Big hugs:love:
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  3. That's some damn good advice. I actually cancelled on him last week and he FLIPPED. I was just shocked.
  4. I agree. Put some distance in there.
    I HATE these little mind games guys play :sad:
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  5. Mind games are no fun.
    But just for him... I think I could sink to his level if I really, really tried... bahahaha :nuts:
  6. I lost so much sleep and energey when I was dating :sad:
    Boys STINK!
  7. ^ word ^
  8. Keep doing what you're doing. It's not fair if you're doing all the following up right? Have fun and go out with your friends.
  9. Thanks! :biggrin:

    I'm only 18... what the heck am I doing waiting for a guy? Wow!