Ok I need serious decission help! 911!!!! SOS!!!


Which one do I buy?

  1. Cerises Speedy

  2. Multicolor Speedy White

  3. Perfo Speedy Orange

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok what do I want? A Cerises Speedy? A White Multicolor Speedy? Or a Perforated Speedy in Orange? I love them all but can only buy one. HELP!
  2. I'd say Cerise cause its super special and cute and you even have it on your avatar :biggrin:
  3. I vote for Cerises !
  4. I vote for cerise too! I know you're a big fan of the cerise line so the cerise speedy will be perfect!
  5. I found one for $999 BIn so that's why I'm in a delima!
  6. Cerises hands down..and I can tell from the poll that everyone else thinks the same! :amuse:
  7. haha! I guess Cerises it is!
  8. I voted for Cerises before reading the thread! Great bag!
  9. Cerises all the way :amuse:
  10. ceries may be cute and whatever but let me remind you it will date as it was a seasonal collection much like the perfo, if you love it get it and you can still wear it alot its just 5 or 10 years away everyone will know its a thing from 2005, unlike the damier, epi, or monogram canas, MC lines
  11. I vote Cerises, so cute!
  12. I voted perfo...I guess the cheese stands alone. ;)
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. ok, my husband talked me into waiting for a better looking cerises to come along. So I bought a Cerises Rond instead. I'll save my moola (until like next week ;)) and buy one that is cleaner and not as patinad. You guys still helped me and the Cerises Speedy will be mine soon!
  15. I'm alone here but I'm going to say the multicolor white speedy.

    I have this bag and love it to death. :love: