Ok I need opinions!

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  1. Since I only have a boyfriend who couldn't care less what bag I have & a mother who would die if she knew how much I spent on bags & look to you ladies for advice! I currently have a Burberry pochette in the classic nova check, which I love, but am looking to get a new bag, because, well, to be honest, I'm obsessed. Anyway, I found a great looking authentic Burberry tote online for around $200 which would be great because I could carry my things to class in it but it looks the exact same as my other one, only obviously larger. My other option is a chanel cambon pochette but it will be the same size as my current Burberry & also in the same color family...(I should also add that I had the same chanel purse in pink a while bag...) I know I am boring but I love the classics & don't have an enormous amount of money! Please help! :worried:
  2. If you don't have an enormous amount of money go for Burberry or Coach, Chanel is not cheap at all any chanel you find online for $200 is fake.
  3. I love Burberry I am just letting you know that the Nova Check will get colored if it rubs on a piece of clothing that is new or gives off color. But classic is always beautiful and it lasts forever...
  4. Thanks for your input! I know the Chanel would have been a little more, which is ok because its Chanel & wonderful! But hmmm I still dunno what to do!
  5. Get something new and different. If you don't, you may be finding yourself craving some variety.
    BTW, Nova Check wipes completely clean w/ baby wipes! :biggrin:
    If you go w/ Burberry, I'd choose something outside the Nova Check line since you already have a piece from it.
    Are you needing it to tote things in at school? I wouldn't choose Chanel for that.
  6. mega dittos!
  7. j

    Mega mega mega dittos from me as well!!! Personally, I would never buy a Chanel online because I don't know enough about all of them to verify authenticity.
  8. Thanks so much for your opinions! The Burberry I'm watching ends in 2hrs so I am keeping my eye on it! Everytime I find one I always talk myself out of it at the last second & then regret it. Its not a fun cycle! But hopefully it will end tonight!!
  9. So I bought it! The auction ended at 242 plus $12 in shipping. It's for the medium nova check tote. Did I pay too much?
  10. That's a great price for the medium tote !