Ok, I need help

  1. I bought my Damier Speedy today at my local LV boutique, and I have no doubts about its authenticity. However, I do have some questions for you ladies who have been at this longer than I have.
    Isn't there supposed to be a tag with a number on it? If so where is it on the Damier Speedy 30?
    Plus the Lock says Made in France and the Purse says Made in USA, is it typical for them to be different? Do ALL of the locks say Made in France? I know that it is not strange for the purse to say Made in USA, but I just noticed that the lock says made in France. Also there is a number on the bottom of the lock, it is a 3 digit number, what is that?
    Any other little details that you all want to point out?
  2. Hi,

    Congrat on your new speedy..I love mine

    Don't worry your bag is authentic

    You meant the date code?? you can find it behind the flap pocket, in your case SDxxxxx
    You received the second batch of damier speedy so it made in USA. Most of us here got made in France because we bought it the date they lauched.
    It's normal to receive made in France lock, I think all of my lock are made in France eventhough the bags were made in USA
    I think the function of the number on the lock and keys is to make it easier to match so you know which keys to open that specific lock.
  3. Hey thanks, I found the date code.
    I am not worried that it is a fake. I just like to know all of the little tid bits of info that all of you experts know.
    Do people make a fuss over wether or not it says Made in France, or Made in USA?
  4. I personally don't really care, some people prefer made in France.
    I saw so many "Made in France " bags are fake and I haven't seen made in USA fake yet. MOst of my bags made in USA. I figure if someday I decide it to sell it,people will know it's definately authentic especially for people who know LV.
  5. They usually just grab a lock out of a huge box in the back, well that's how my boutique does it. I think all the locks are made in France. And the 3 digit number is for matching keys and locks, if you lose your keys take your lock in and they will usually give you another set for free.