Ok I need help

  1. Should I get the pink heritage stripe swing pack? I have been lusting after it and I think a swing pack would be pretty convenient...what are your thoughts?
  2. Well, I just bought one.. so... YES!!! :yahoo:
    Or you can wait til' pce and get it then. :yes:
    Either way.. get it!!!! I think it is great because it will wipe off so easy and it is darling!!! :yes:
  3. It is pretty cute and very handy for summertime!
  4. I dont know if I will get a PCE...I bought my first bag in a boutique right after christmas
  5. I think you should get it they are really cute and always good to have around for when you go to places you dont want to take your regular purse to.
  6. Well usually you can get the discount if you mention it. :yes: I am really excited to get mine (got it on eBay nwt for a great price!) because I am not a huge swingpack gal but I am looking forward to using it at Disneyland, water parks, the zoo, trips, races, etc. I think it will be great for those times, I think it's cute and fun and like I said I just love that it is coated so I can wipe it right off. :p
  7. Yes you should totally get one!!!!

    I am getting the white one :tup:
  8. Just what will a swingpack hold? I think the pink heritage stripe is cute! I also wasn't aware that it was just so easily to care for...Wipe clean! WOW~
  9. I just tried to order it but for some reason the site kept telling me to verify my email address...is the website having problems?
  10. You should totally get it - it's adorable!! My swing pack comfortably holds my mini skinny, sunglasses (without the case), cell phone, camera, keys, and lip gloss. They are the handiest little things ever!!!
  11. I am having trouble with the site....is it me or is the site having difficulties ordering?
  12. Ooooo...and there is a nice little matching mini too!!!!
  13. Do you need to ask? :roflmfao: Of course YESSSSSSSSS:yahoo:
  14. I have never ordered from the site, if you call a store they will waive the shipping. Otherwise you could just call the 800# :yes:
  15. I think I will...tomorrow