ok i need help

  1. rose is making me do this. lol.

    i have a sort of event tonight. it's a networking thing kind of for me. a friend invited me. all she told me was to "be comfortable". like an @#%^$%& i am dressed in a wool sweater, grey pants and a white tank. there's a pic of me in the fave scarf thread. i'm wearing my how to tie a scarf scarf,. is this good? should i try and get another scarf or soemthing before. technically it starts at 6:30 but not sure what time i should really be there. help!
  2. NO - you don't need another scarf.
    if you want a fun, playful way to wear the scarf, i LOVE this: take the scarf, lie it flat. pull 2 opposite corners together and tie them once, and pull them out, which will bring the other 2 corners in. then tie the longer pieces around your neck and knot at the back. tuck in the 2 flapping ends in front to create a sort of puffy bowtie!
    i'm not sure with the dimensions of your pocharf how this will turn out, but i love this look.
    i think joanna posted it on here first and taught me how to do it.
  3. and gracekelly taught me that great knot - just make a knot in the center and tie it on like a chocker. keep the knot loose so it's fat and squishy.
  4. and put away your wool sweater! this is light blazer weather from here on out until summer.
  5. I agree.....take off the wool sweater and tie that gorgeous scarf loosely around your neck....let me see if I have any pics I can post of something that might work.......

    ok....something like this but just make it looser....KWIM?
  6. i almost brought a blazer with me too but i was rushing out of the house and forgot it. i could cry. i feel like an idiot. and idiot in a wool sweater and coat.
  7. LOL......you are NOT an idiot! OMG...how many times have I had this same dilemma! We all do at one time or another. Would you be comfortable without the greay sweater and just the white top with your gorgeous scarf?
  8. [​IMG]

    That's just so elegant, try that H. I am going to paste another one for you before I go.
  9. I agree, if you can, loose the sweater, and go with just the tank. You have a coat with you, right? That should keep you warm when you are out.

  10. oh no, it's a ratty old tank! i am in bad shape. lol
  11. but that can be soo cool. a ratty old tank with an hermes scarf. as long as you have... "coverage" lol.
    in a pic in my scarf thread, i'm wearing a blazer (ooops, sorry) with a hanes tank (very ratty) and the scarf as a belt.
  12. very nice top. is it your style? do you need it? will you wear it on other occasions? don't buy emergency stuff only to regret it later.
  13. H, if you could find a 3/4 lenght sleeve shirt.....appropriate for tonight.
  14. I like this shirt alot!! Can you go shopping at lunch or break time? :graucho: You have the tank, scarf, and YOU to work with in the mean time.....GO GETTUM!!:yes:

    can you tie the sweater on your shoulders, and the scarf as a belt?