Ok i need help! I need to find a gift for less then £100!

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  1. Hey!
    I'm planning on getting my friend a little gift since it is her birthday
    But i don't want to spend too much at all really just because i have got her a few other things aswell
    so i want to get something from Lv of corse!
    But Less then £100
    I'm considering a cles but that's just if i don't find anything cuter!
    Can anyone suggest me something they wouldnt mind receiving?
    Withing reason obviously :graucho:
  2. I think the bubble ring is fairly inexpensive, or a key ring/pochette extender.
  3. I would just like to add, what a great friend! I can't imagine receiving LV from anyone, that is awesome.
  4. Key holder or cles but I think the best one is the credit card holder £63

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  5. LVoe cell phone charm
    Bubble Ring
    Monogram Credit Card Holder
    Monogram Key Holder

    Have fun finding a little gift!
  6. or a MC Mirror that's a little over £80
  7. Oo Mc mirror i forgot about that!
    I'm thinking maybe the inclusion ring maybe but i'm uncertain of her ring size..
    Btw i'm only making this thread cause you guys are amazing and have great taste!! I'm not lazy i swear! Thanks all of you i really appriciate the help!
  8. I have this and I really like it.
  9. :tup: I have it too I love it (Bf has it as well so works for both men & women)
  10. My vote goes to the bubble ring or a cles. You are a very sweet friend.
  11. You're a really really sweet friend!!!
    i'll definitely go for the cles, its so cute and functionable!
  12. Atm i love the ideas of a Inclusion ring,Cles,Cc holder Or mc mirror Btw what kind of cles would you suggest?
    Please keep suggestions coming in your all helping :smile:
    Thanks everyone so far you guys are the best!
  13. Any cles would be nice. I prefer the Damier Ebene and the Pomme Cles (not as functional but very pretty!). There's also the mini lin and the new Denim.
  14. Antigua pochette PM, totally practical and unisex too.
    just a little bit over you budget, 115
  15. I love the ideas the other ladies posted, but i honestly think u should get her something crazy, something ur friend would never buy for herself!!! Like maybe a scarf!! or a charm or or or i dont know!! but something out of the ordinary!! what is her LV collection like?