Ok - I need help deciding!!!

  1. Ok so I'm planning to pick up a J12 with diamond markers at the end of August. But I just came across a 2005 Reissue in white. Normally I'd pick the watch in a heart beat .... especially since there is going to be a price increase in September. But I also heard that these bags are quite hard to come by (by the ways this one is still new with tags). So I don't know ... what do you ladies think?

    I mean I like this bag, but I think I love it only because of the date stamp. And I know the next time another one of these bags come around I'll probably be like 70+ years old. But then on the other hand I really love the watch and I know I will wear it every single day!

    What to do, what to do :confused1:
  2. I've seen white 2005 reissues pop up from time to time. I'd go for the watch.
  3. i'd go for the watch too
  4. I vote for the watch.
  5. get the watch first
  6. watch, u will love it.
  7. watch!!
  8. i visited my fave SA today and she was wearing the black J12. it looked awesome. WATCH WATCH WATCH!
  9. you love the watch, you like the bag. Based on just that alone, i'd say, go the watch!
  10. watch girl!
  11. waaaatch!!!!!!! :p
  12. i say bag, cux u might regret not getting it
  13. Lol ... I think I might really regret it too. The seller looks pretty legit with an awesome feedback. But I actually searched eBay and found a few more people selling the bag like Mon said. They really do pop up from time to time ... so I'm going to go ahead with the watch.

    Thanks for everyones opinions .... it really helped making me feel better about ditching the bag. :tup:
  14. ^Yup. :yes: Definitely the J12.
  15. Good choice, I was gonna vote for the watch too!