Ok...I need a life....

  1. Today was one of those Saturday stay-at-home, do-stuff-around-the-house days. The weather wasn't really that great....no-one around....DD out and about, DH at work. Just me, the cats....and the computer.

    Now. Normally I would be running errands, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry or when push comes to shove heading out to Marshalls to buy something I really don't need. Instead I decided to putter around the house in my fluffy slippers and really worn-in jeans and do pretty much next to nothing. I guess we all need days like this....except....I spent HOURS on the PF!!!!! I'm not kidding!

    Is this what it's like when your kids are almost grown and out of the house? Is this what happens when DH has to work 6-7 days a week? Is this what it comes down to? I guess I could have dragged my boney butt out the door and to Hermes....at least I would have seen the two Birkins that were sitting on the shelves! But NO. I didn't do that. Instead I had my coffee and logged on! And I was hooked!

    Anyway......I was wondering.....if you were going to buy a Rouge Garanche Birkin, what leather would you choose??????? :flowers:
  2. He, he.......well, first your question. I would get Fjord because I love it's qualities, but I think chevre would be FABULOUS! You have plenty of chevre though, so perhaps clemence would be nice...you like 'em slouchy, and you already have a 'formal' stiffer HAC, so a softer, slouchier Birkin perhaps??

    I had a day like that last week. All I did was log on, breastfeed, unload the laundry, refresh my cup of tea, made a sandwich for lunch and logged on again - ALL goddamn afternoon!!! In between PFing, I surfed eBay..........bloody hell, I didn't even brush my hair!!!!!!
  3. ^ I think it will look less bright on chevre, in any case. You maight want to go with another leather to make the most of the colour.
  4. Shopmom, that's how I spend most of my free time too!!! I seem to be always on this forum!!!
  5. What about Clemence? I would say Chevre otherwise. *love* Chevre.
  6. Can you guys tell me a little about Fjord because last week when I saw that new big bag at the H store it was in Fjord and it was really heavy. (I actually got to handle it for a change!) And it also had more texture than Togo I think. At least it looked that way to me.
  7. Heavy, flatter grain than togo, but just as "grainy" if you KWIM? Not a "glossy" as chevre, very durable, slightly stiffer (wouldn't slouch). Hang on, there's a comparison pic somwhere, let me dig it up......
  8. Yippeee! Thanks, K.....
  9. [​IMG]

    chanchans fjord birkin in rouge h
  10. [​IMG]

    black Kelly roughe h birkin both in fjord - proudly owned by theITbag.
  11. there is actually a comparison shot somwhere, but I can't find it........
  12. Oh MAN! How did I miss that beauty!!!! Wow! No wonder you want a Birkin in this leather, K. It's really stunning in Rouge H....

    I guess it's just something I need to see and feel (oh yea...like that'll happen) because although i want a slightly slouchy bag, I don't want one that slumps over (so no Clemence) or looses its shape (so no Togo) but I also don't want something with a "hard" hand (so no Epsom or Vache Ligee). You know what i mean? Chevre would be lovely but I kinda want a leather with less "shine" ability. Something...well....casual but feels nice, isn't too heavy and holds its shape but isn't too stiff. Does Fjord fall in between all these leathers????? What's left?

    And why am I worried about this now??????
  13. THIS is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, too!!!!!!!!!! ALL the things you said are what I want my choc Birkin to be - I've asked for Togo, but I called the other day and changed it to Fjord, but my SA wasn't in, and has yet to return my call (must have the weekend off)....that's why I started that Fjord vs Togo thread.........Fjord is the only thing that meets all (or most) of my criteria. I'm open to other suggestions, though!!

  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: