OK.. I MUST have these boots...

  1. These are so friggin cute! I never wear boots but I think I could wear these this fall/winter!

    Sorry if they have been posted before..

    Nancie Boot $428
  2. Cute! I love them in the chocolatey color!
  3. Oh those are sexy sexy!!!
  4. LOVE......very sexy!!!!!:winkiss:
  5. super cute!
  6. Love those!! The topstitching is fabulous. Oh I could see me in a pair of these too...dress slacks or jeans, hehehehe.
  7. I don't do heels a lot but I really like those. I wonder if they are anything close to comfortable?
  8. Wow, I like those a lot! I'd love to wear them with skinny jeans :smile:
  9. Nice!

  10. I doubt it :roflmfao:
  11. Ohh, very elegant! I like the Chocolate!
  12. Um, yeah. Look at my wishlist. Those are :drool:!!! IRL they are Ah-mazing!!
  13. Those are soo cute, love em!