Ok i must have just found a use for the most useless H item

  1. I got a new phone today :nuts:, my parents bought me it as a study gift as i have 2 weeks till i begin my HSC examinations (SOOO not ready) The phone has turned out to be the biggest distraction i love it thought. Its the samsung X830:


    Its so godam tiny its like a ...........lipstick or a............... stick of gum. See where i am going with this girls? :graucho: it measures 8.5cm x 3cm x 2cm. Unfortunately i think it might be too big for the dam lipstick holder. after exams i will have to check it out in the store. Does anyone here has this phone and the case buy any chance? Now im p*ssed i didn't buy one at the last H sale, they had them for $200 (which already seems excessive for that tiny amount of leather) Anyway, im hoping that i found something thats an actual worthwhile use for the case.
  2. LOL, it might be a gum holder rather than a lipstick holder you saw.

    I remember H made something daft like that.

    Cute phone btw.

    Let me know how you and the Samsung software get along. I'm in the midst of researching new phones for myself.
  3. I am really bad with computers, like really bad. I learned how to put songs on my ipod after a year (i always had my friends to do it lol) Incidentally enough the Samsung program, for my model, which is a music phone, (its acctually supposedly to be and MP3 player you can call and SMS from) no sure if it applies to all samsung phones. Its very very similar to itunes, almost identical to the point where i question why there has been no lawsuits. But the one bit that is important is changed, the way to upload the dam songs, i can't get them into play lists. they are shuffled randomly. other than that its been very easy to use. loading and offloading PIC is a sinch.

    BTW here is a visual CDL has some on sale on eBay for $350, which is slightly more than the price of the phone itself, geeze i wish i had bought the sale one.

  4. Yep, it's a little too big for the gum/lipstick holder (approx. 8 x 2 x 2 cm)...
  5. ^ of course it would be! argh, thanks so much anway pepper.

    Ah getting de ja vu, of sitting in the H store shoving the KTD on my wrist. ordering the SA to pull as hard as possible. Alas H! why must you make your accessories so small?
  6. Hermes did make another type of case though for cell phone. Much bigger than the gum case. Not sure if it is still available for sale. You know how Hermes like to discontinue their items all of a sudden.
  7. Are you speaking of the Planet cell phone case? That's still around and can be found in the stores. It's too big for his phone though.

    For this phone, NM, how about a Piccolo?
  8. Naughty that phone is tiny
    Seems a lot of money to pay for a tiny bit of leather
    have you found anything else yet,
    to cover the phone
  9. the picolo has an approx 10 cm width if you measure it all around if that is of any help - I use mine for reading glasses.
  10. Nope, it is not the Planet cell phone case. The case opens and closes with a snap button.
  11. i have one of those cheap plastic covers (the phone guy threw it in for free), it's a cheap case that doesn't really fit the phone and interrupts it sliding (hence harder to answer the phone) which is why i was after something of better quality (and by that i dont mean straight to H lol) i want the phone to fit comfortably into my pocket, so a piccolo is too big, i guess H doesn't really offer anything that woudl be good for this phone. i did find this oroton case link, but im a bit meh over it (then again it sonly $55) once you go real croc u never go back lol.
  12. ^^^Your phone is that small?
  13. how rude girl :angel:
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. HG, i don't need a case for my Kelly longue, I don't need extra padding there lol! and it especially wont fit in anything called a piccolo. its my phone that im after a case for. I can understand the confusion i mean they both double in size when turned on. lol