ok, i might betrayed my magenta city

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  1. for one of these two bag.
    i did an impulse buying AGAIN! but i think i have to lose my magenta city if i want to keep this...
    i love my magenta city, and with zac's tips, i managed to make it more smooshy :love:
    but this blue balenciaga is also tempting me :yahoo: it's sooo cute, and the leather is smooshy.
    which one do you think i should keep?
  2. gosh, girl, i'd have to put my vote in for keeping your magenta city :girlsigh:
  3. hmmm...i have to say i still love the magenta more!
  4. I would keep the magenta city bec. very few good designers make a bag in that color.
  5. Another vote for the majenta.
  6. Definately the magenta city!!:heart: :heart:
    It's one of the best colours Balenciaga ever made!
  7. thanks girls :heart:
    in my heart i love the magenta too... but it was such an impulse buy :crybaby:
    and to make things worse... i've done the worst by buying this chloe silverado too. now this is where my real dillema laid... i think i'm falling deeply with this one :crybaby:
  8. and another addition of a marni bag i won on ebay some times ago, it's still on the way from UK :crybaby: i'm losing my mind here girls... am i crazy ???
  9. No no no. Keep your magenta city!!!!!!!! :lol:
  10. just keep what u like more
  11. angelie ... thank u for being neutral :P
  12. Sea- Yes, do what makes you happy!!! I'm dying to see the magenta though!!!
  13. thanks zac :P
    i will be sad to let this go too, but my only option is to let go the magenta or my lv cerises speedy... tough one
  14. ohhhhh just pick what you will use most and one that you love most! Good luck, seah, it's a tough decision!
  15. I would let go of the magenta. Although I think it's a fab color, it doesn't look like it'll get much use. So if you have doubts...let her go.