Ok I Made My Decision, But...

  1. Ok. Sorry For Driving Everyone Crazy As I Can't Make Decisions, But, After Long Contemplation I Decided On The Gold Reissue Size 225. Is This A Strictly Formal Bag Or Can It Be Casual Evenings Or Day-night??
  2. I think that depends on you. I could see it paired with jeans and a white t-shirt and flip-flops just as easily as something formal. There's something care-free and slightly rebellious wearing it casually. I actually really like the idea of it as a casual bag- just make sure you wear it with basic solids so the purse stands out instead of clashing and looking over-accesorized. You also have to be willing to carry less but the 2.55 is my favorite bag in terms of looks.
  3. One of my friends has a gold reissue (hers is the 226 if I'm not mistaken) and she wears it quite a bit. I personally would wear it for either. I also don't view the classic flaps as solely evening bags either. Go for it! Do what makes you happy!
  4. Agreed with echo that it depends on you. If you really love the gold reissue, I'm sure you could make it work. ;)
  5. Great choice...hey throw caution to the wind...wear it day AND night!!!!
  6. It's a lovely color and it shld be perfect for daily use as long it's the bag that u always WANT.
  7. IMHO u can wear it with ANYTHING! jeans n rock tee shirt, LBD, satin fitted hugging sexy dress!
    it's def a 24 hour kinda bag
  8. Wear it all the time! It's a beautful bag and as long as your outfit isn't too dressy you'll just be making a great "look at my smokin hot bag" statement.