OK, I"m broke now

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  1. I stopped in the Coach store at lunch and fell in love with the Mandy. Now i see it comes in natural which is the color I want, so.... my purchases tomorrow will be:

    pond shoulder
    natural mandy
    punch signature tote - does ANYONE know if this comes in the "large" for $298????

  2. LOL... I'm on ban after this week too... I don't know about what sizes the punch comes in - but you have made some great choices there!!

    Which store are you going to? :crybaby: I miss Illinois!!! (And Oak Brook, Schaumburg, Geneva,.... ok... I give, I miss my family too.)

    Sorry - off topic there.:back2topic:
  3. Actually i work in the city, so the one on Michigan Ave. Did you just recently move?
  4. i know what you mean messengerbaglover! but the bags aren't even for me


    i got the

    but in black for my mom's friend to go back to China with, and the resort one is for her son (18)'s girlfriend!

    i also got two keyfobs for the nurses at my hospital.

    that with the recent trip and shopping spurge i'm offically 3k in and i don't want to go any higher.

    but i want to at least get the smaller makeup case of signature stripe in khaki/white. i missed the parchment/white because i couldn't get over my signature phobia but that sold out when i finally decided so i'm not letting it get away from me this time!!

    i think the signature tote in punch should come in the 298$ size. i'll know tonight! so pysched. i can't wait. i love putting the stuff together!
  5. Yes, I'm from IL... My husband got transfered to MI, so we just moved here at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec.

    The one on Michigan Ave is even better!! When we lived up there, we were the suburbs, so I usually just hit the stores out there... I miss having all those stores so close - but at least there is one really good mall that is close to me here. (Somerset Collection in Troy)

    Have fun shopping tomorrow!! :yes:
  6. i want the punch tote in large, too...maybe soon they'll have it?
  7. have fun picking out your things :biggrin: can't wait to see pics!
  8. Love the punch color but not sure if it comes in large either....