1. Okay so I want 3 new bags!!!

    I love all 3 equally!!


    this one is very functional... I can see myself using this years from now, with a baby, without a baby, its the multifunction tote, JAX HAS ONLY 1 LEFT!!!! I am HOPING AND PRAYING NO ONE ORDERS THIS!!!
    Also, I always wanted a denim bag and this is hugeeee 18x11 so it can fit a ton of stuff, laptop, it can also be a travel tote!!! Plus I have the matching wristlet

    2)[​IMG] or[​IMG]

    LOVEEEE this bag! Wanted it since I saw it, almost sold out at jax, love natural colored bags in general.... I would take this or the ergo natural tote, they re both about the same size, big enough for my small laptop!!! love the color the most!! very versatile!!!

    3) of course, the magenta bleeker

    this bag is big enough for my laptop, of course it would be harder to get it in and out of this... trust me i have 2 duffles, but its sooooooo cute!!! but the magenta bleeker does this thing where it sticks out.. the bottom is round and a little funny. does this slacken out???

    So I cant get all three now!!! Unfortunately!!! Unless I find them at the outlets or something!!! Which ONLY ONE would you get... or even if u could get 2 but thats stretching it... which would you get???
  2. I love the Denim tote I just got it for myself because I have so many textbooks to take to class plus my laptop, but if you were to get 2 I would also get the bleeker because its so different.

    Goodluck let us know what you decide;)
  3. hey which denim tote do you have
  4. My first choice would be the magenta Bleeker. I just LOVE that bag. If you were to get two, I would also get that tote on the second choice (the Legacy) I really like the shape of that one.
  5. For some reason I can picture you with the denim, is that weird? LOL!!! Like I wouldn't buy it for me but when I see you with that i go 'hmmmm, yes.'


    I am a fan of the ergo line in general cause it is so lightweight, but I love the turnlock on the bleecker...I am a sucker for cool hardware!!!!

    But for you my vote is denim.
  6. I'm going with the Bleecker in magenta because this is one bag that won't be back! There will be other totes, other denim, other natural leathers but no magenta Bleeckers! If you have to have a bag for your lap top though, I'd go for the slim tote. I love that bag! It's just gorgeous!
  7. Now that I am thinking about it, didn't you REALLY want a magenta bleecker????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    LIKE....REAL BAD!!?!?!??!

    If they made a smaller one, I would so be getting that.
  8. omggg you guysssss!! maybe i ll get my mom to get it for me for christmas!!! (the magenta bleeker) it's the less practical one out of all three!!!
  9. Kat, that's how I'm getting my magenta duffle. My mom bought me a wine large flap as a gift but I didn't like it. I exchanged for ink but then saw that Nord's had magenta so exchanged again for magenta! So, since it's a gift from my mom, I don't feel so bad about it being impractical! It's just pretty!
  10. YEAH!!!
    Denim and magenta, those are my votes :smile::smile::smile:
  11. The ergo totes are in the outlet right now. They are 398 -30% off. Since the price is so good, maybe you could get two bags...this AND the magenta!:graucho:
  12. I like the denim best, but the magenta is such an awesome color. Good luck with your decision!
  13. i wanted a reverseable tote similar to your demin one but i noticed the straps are SOO thin.. it scared me away.
  14. Kat, I already own the Bleeker Duffle in bottle green and love it. I am considering the Magenta color. I would get the Denim tote as that one is so you and you need it to haul around your laptop. The Legacy slim tote is a gorgeous bag too. I had one and returned it as I had too much natural. I own the Ergo Vintage tote and it is a great bag. I use it often to tote around my stuff and I find it very useful. I think if it is to haul around your laptop you should get the Ergo Vintage tote or the Denim tote. Good luck.
  15. I would get an ergo to tote your laptop and save your shoulder strength for the bleeker.good luck.