OK !!!I know What Ya Thinking !!! Another Paris Thread BUT !!! I love Her Bag & Shoes

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Thats a great bag! I wouldnt mind the shoes either. :graucho:
  3. They look good together. I cannot get over the earrings. I had them the first time around in the eighties lol.

    off to sulk - I AM OLD :biggrin:
  4. Too bad, that's the last time you're ever gonna see it... it will go in the same 'black hole' that ate Tinkerbell, the other doggies, and those exotic pets that must have ate her forgotten purses and T-Mobile sidekicks to stay alive...
  5. loving the bag!
  6. Cute bag, does anyone know which bag is it?
  7. ^ It's some form of the Chloe Paddington, I'm not sure exactly which one.

    I love those shoes!!
  8. she wears everything so well !
  9. Love the bag!
  10. I love her sunnies and the Gucci heels. :love:
  11. I love the Chloe bag! I think it's a pocket paddington in large (not sure)
  12. love her shoes!!!
  13. Shoes and bag are lovely, i just wander why she always wears that ridiculous belt under her bobbs...:confused1:
  14. I thinks its the same bag she's carrying in her new video:

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