OK.I know this is a longhsot.....

  1. :shrugs: Hi everyone! I have been searching for a black multi pocket--the smaller version and can't seem to find one...I posted a link here last week for one I found on e-bay....It was verified as legit by you wonderful people... but didn't win...I had the highest bid but didn't meet the reserve price....NOWHERE around here sells them..and I am constantly checking reputable websites and auctions...no luck! I mostly have to rely on internet purchasing as where I live there are only Coach stores..no other designer boutiques or decent stores..No Nordies, no Sacs...it blows....Any suggestions? I wish we could order directly from Marc Jacobs...Why is that anyway? Thanx for any input but I'm ready to pack in my search and pretty much think I'm SOL....:crybaby:
  2. Emmy, it's not a longshot at all, Black Multipocket is still made every season. We will help you get one. =)

    Do you prefer gold or silver hardware? All Marc Jacobs styles for Fall 2006 have gold hardware. Some stores might have those with silver hardware. Plus, do you mind contrast stitching? This season's Black Soft Calf styles don't have White Stitching on Black Leather.

    Price is also another factor, small MP retails for $895USD. Marc Jacobs boutiques hardly ever mark down styles/colors from Soft Calf Classic Collection (Stella, Sophia, Venetia, Blake, MultiPocket), I have seen them for less on Ebay (have to look for trustworthy sellers) and department stores (Black is always full-price). Black MPs with Silver Hardware and White Stitching (older season) were on sale (25% off) during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  3. Yes, dept stores and MJ stores carry the small MP, and you can call any of them and have an SA ship one out to you. If it's not in state, they don't generally charge sales tax, only shipping. This includes the MJ boutiques, but for shipping to customers they require you to fax back a credit card charge slip.
  4. Last week I saw the small black multipocket at Saks in SF and Nordies in Sac. The newest version for fall 06 has kind of a greyish/putty color contrast stitching with the same color suede lining. The hardware is pale gold--not blingy at all. I personally love this version of the multipocket.

    The number for SF Saks is 415-986-4300
    The number for Sac Nordies is 916-646-2400 (ask for Patrice--shes great!)

    Good luck finding your bag!
  5. :yahoo: Thanx Baglover!! I prefer silver hardware with white stitching.. Probably a 2005 (?) I would like new..or VERY gently used..I'm pretty picky as I take excellent care of my bags...clean them, re-stuff them...put them back in the dust bags etc.....As a matter of fact, I JUST reorganized my closet to make room for more..(I'm so bad...We're right in the middle of home improvement and I'm still trying to budget in a new bag..hehehe...!) There are no Nordstroms near me...Nor Sacs etc..I constantly am hawking the websites and e-bay...Should I just start calling them? Figures I missed their sale..I could have called in July and saved some $$$, huh? I appreciate you help... :heart:
  6. You should call Nordies. They probably have a few left.
  7. Thanx Valerie b! Wow..San Fran! You're on one side and I'm on the other!! I'm sure the pale gold hardware is nice...but I have my heart set on the silver..I don't like the striped lining..I prefer the suede..I would like to see a pic of that bag though....I don't see it on the webiste..am I not looking in the right place? Thanx for the phone numbers....I have a feeling my phone bill will take a beating shortly...Let me know if you see a black w/ silver / sued ling! Thanx a bunch! :heart: Emmy
  8. I've never called them..Is there one main number to check for the bag or do I have to call individual stores? ( OMG I hope not!) Thanx! :heart: Emmy
  9. Can one of the individual store and they can search all the stores.
  10. PM me and I'll give you my MP UPC code from Anniversary Sale. That may help.
  11. OK..I just checked the website and there are (5) in NYS...Now let me ask you (all) this: Are these in stock all the time? If so, should I wait for a sale and then call..Or is this style like the Gucci classics: they NEVER go on sale.....??!!:heart: Emmy
  12. They were on "sale" at Nordies for anniversary, but I've never seen black on sale otherwise.
  13. I returned one to Nordstrom because I decided the large was a better size for me. :smile: I'll call tomorrow and see if its still there and have them do a search for me if it isn't.
  14. :wlae: Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: Emmy