Ok.. I know this compact is probably FAKE but *sigh* it's honestly TDF!

  1. As far as I know this seller only sells authentic Hermes. I must agree though, the wallet is TO DIE FOR!!!
  2. Maybe the price is only b/c it's a sale piece?
  3. I don't know... entirely too risky for me. And no box? Is that even normal? I think I'm just sticking w/ my tried and true method - only buying directly from the boutique!
  4. The seller of this item is away until January 21, 2007. You may purchase the item, but there may be a delay in processing your order. Eeeks that a long time to wait especially with a buy it now button.
  5. I've purchased from this seller before -- and gotten a box. If you are concerned about the vacation wait, just don't order until they are back. The wallet is yummy - but if a sale item bothers you, don't order it, because it will come with the "S" -- which is likely why it does not have a box.
  6. lol,.. It is beautiful!!!!! She sells only authentic! Ojects Intemporat/Timeless Pieces same person.
  7. I've bought from them and trust them to sell only authentic. I believe the owner's name is Paul. I've bought a scarf and pill box from him and both came with boxes. I personally would have no concerns about buying from them and I'm suspicious of just about everyone!
  8. I got a cadena from this seller and it did come with the box. I was very pleased with the transaction from the beginning to the end. I will def. buy from them again.
  9. LOL - if you read the L-Z website closely, you'll see that they are a conglomeration of the sellers L-Z, objets_intemporels and timeless pieces!

    I have purchased from objets_intemporels before - they are fine! Nice service, too!
  10. Yup, Objets Intemporals is totally legit, and Paul is extremely professional!
  11. yeah, was looking at that wallet too... isn't it just gorgeous....