OK, I know there a lot of fakes out there but.....

  1. this takes the cake!

    What the heck is this suppose to be?! Seller calls it metallic green. It has to be one of the most hideous things I have seen and theres a bid on it! :sick:

  2. Oh horrible! I don't even want to write anymore because I don't want to look at it!
  3. I saw this one yesterday and LMAO
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. What is going on with this thing? It looks like a crazy monster. The color is very scary and strange!
  5. Ahh yes! The ever popular double sided zip b-bag, very rare indeed!
  6. I'm sure their thinking was,
    "we make a bunch of fronts and use them on the back too!"
  7. :roflmfao: LOL!
  8. heheheh yeah, the bags r horrible........
  9. yikes, that makes me :sick:
  10. wow, i can't believe all of these bad sellers selling fake bags :sad:
  11. LOL at that hideous green thing! That is so fugly :yucky:
  12. I don't know but I enjoy looking for awful fakes. They make me laugh.
  13. I much prefer these though to the ones that are so close that you really need to look carefully.
  14. that's true, the dangerous ones are those you have to see a serial number to tell...i'm just amazed by all of these sellers putting bags up with cellophane wraps & touting them as if they're real :wacko:
  15. :amazed: oh dear...it looks like they took three different green bags and glued them together!