Ok i know many ladies in here adore the Mirror line.. BUT...

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  1. Do u really love it soo much that you are willing to pay $4000 for a bag that retails at $1000 PLUS? I cant understand.. a profit of a few hundred bucks for a Limited Edition bag is fine.. but when it comes to a couple of thousands? ARE U SURE? :confused1: Enlighten me please!
  2. Uhm...if it turns out I can't get it any other way I might, but I'm not quite there yet. I've gotten used to paying more then retail by now, as I live in a non-LV country and up till now I've been willing to pay up to a 1000$ extra but not 2500$ .... (yet)
  3. no I think it's ugly and looks like foil. If i wanted a baked potato, I'd go bake one.
  4. i love it and called to see where i was on the list and not at the top. which means that if i want it i will have to buy it off ebay. these people on ebay are totally greedy. i could see maybe at most $1000 more but $4000. is she crazy. she is just taking away a bag from someone who really wanted it and not trying to make a buck. i know people are going to get upset by what i am saying but its the truth.
  5. i still like this line, despite what others may think of it... but no, i would never pay that much over retail for it (or any bag, for that matter). i haven't done so yet, but the most i'd pay over retail is around $700-$1000, depending on which bag.

    i'm not planning on getting anything from the miroir line... if i had more money, then i'd buy just for the sake of adding to my collection. but right now, i'd rather buy a bag i'd be using enough to justify purchasing.
  6. I don't love it enough to pay over retail for it...heck, I don't even love it enough to bug my SA to put me on the waitlist. But if there happens to be a gold speedy available when I stop by the mall later tonight...then I'd buy it :lol: But I doubt there will be any left!
  7. I was on the list for the gold and the silver speedy...I went ahead and told my SA that I would pass the gold one onto someone else, I just could not buy it and then sell it for more...my husband was like why not? That is not sharing the purse love...I know the lady on the list under me will be just as excited as me!!! I could NOT but it for $3000...I hate seeing bags priced so much higher than retail for any reason! I have seen some cersie bags marked way UP and it makes me so mad!!!
  8. I'm usually the one who defends the ebay sellers who sell new items for jacked up prices, as if it wasn't for them women like me wouldn't be able to get those hard to get items in new condition. I doubt a lot of people would do it for free and I really don't mind them getting a good profit but I think that 4000$ is a bit excessive :s
  9. When I called to see where I was on the list, I was no where near the top for the silver speedy even though I put my name down in July. Basically, I was told that it doesn't look like I'll be getting one. I ended up buying one from let-trade instead for more than retail but I certainly did not pay $4000 for the bag. I think that amount is more than outrageous!
  10. Yea, ITA. For me, I would pay about $500 over retail for a bag that I LOVE! Anything more would take some serious thinking. And paying 3x retail
    = :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  11. No.... :girlsigh: I will only buy retail. I didn't get a call today so if I don't get it then that's what's supposed to be....on a different note, I received my Damier Azur Speedy 30 this morning:wlae:
  12. im not really attracted to the line at all!! its a horrendous amount of money to spend on a bag that looks like that (in my opinion.. dont hate)

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. The real thing is so beautiful!
  15. well i guess some people have so much money to spare, money isn't much of a big deal so they will pay that much.