Ok, I know it's a long shot.. But has anyone seen these flipflops at WALMART??

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  1. Hi!

    I'm sad :sad: I'm in need :sad: Please help me!!

    These are my fave shoes...EVER! They're from Walmart and cost around $1.50. I wasn't able to find them last year. They come in brown, red, black, white...and maybe blue?

    I usually bought 20 pairs at a time. Ten of the brown and ten of the black in a size 7-8.

    All I'm asking is, if you have a chance while you're at Walmart, please... take a peek and see if they have any. All I should need is the bar code from the tag and I might be able to get my Walmart to order me some. If you could just write the numbers down or send me a pic of it (clear enough to read) that would be awesome!!

    Here is a pic :smile: I have worn them into the ground! There's a hole clean through them...I keep wearing them :smile:

    This is all I have left of my flipflops.. One black..and one brown. And if I can't find anymore, I'm just gonna have to wear them this way!

    It love them so much because they're very thin and small. When I wear them it looks almost like I'm not wearing shoes at all! Oh, and they float :smile:

    So, please...please PLEASE... help me! :smile:


    Ps. I know it sounds silly. I have lots of other flipflops...but these are my babies...LOL!

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  2. I know I know... they're not anything fancy...no cl's here! BUT, these are my HG flipflops :sad:

    Please look at Walmart if you get a chance! Esp if you live down south!

  3. I know exactly what flipflops these are- one of my good friends had a whole laundry basket of them! I'll check my walmart- last time I was there their flipflops were not out yet :smile:
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    You just made me stand up and do the happy dance!!! NOT KIDDING! lol!:yahoo:

    I checked my Walmart today (I'm in MO) and they had all thier flipflops out...but not these! :sad: I REALLY hope they didn't stop making these!

    Yes, pretty pretty please check?!?! I'm pretty sure all I need is the code and they would be able to order them for me.

    I'm to the point where I'm getting ready to put ads up on CL and see if anyone has seen them..lol!


    Ps. Your friend has great taste! LOL!
  5. I used to have them too and I loved it!!! I used them when we went to Vegas and it was very comfortable. I'll check Walmart here too but I'm from Canada so not sure- would they be the same barcode? I'll check anyways!
  6. They might be! No harm in trying! Thank you thank you!!!!!! (((E hug))) :smile:
  7. I was at Walmart today but they didn't have it. Though they don't have a lot of flipflops out yet. So maybe when it starts getting warmer here, I'll check again. Also, have you tried Claire's. I think I remember seeing them there before as well.
  8. Went to walmart last week- flipflops aren't out yet! Probably because yesterday was the biggest snowstorm of the whole winter... haha!
  9. they made those at old navy about 2 years or so ago, i bought all the colors they made in it and never cut the tags sold them at a yard sale last summer. I do remember seeing those at Wal-Mart but not recently been a year or so ago as well, about the same time old navy did theirs. Wal-Mart pretty much has the same flip flops they did last year...the op ones with the palm trees, some jelly ones and so on, nothing to impressive this year.