Ok, I know it was fake but ...

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  1. I know we on TPF totally condemn fake bags (and anything fake, I guess) and I totally am on board with that. All my stuff is authentic, I save for it and feel happy that I am carrying an authentic Chloe or Bal or whatever.

    However, I am throwing this out there to get some opinions:

    One day last week, I passed some HS kids walking to the school bus stop nearby and I noticed one of the girls was carrying what had to be a fake Chanel bag. I don't know the style (I am no Chanel expert, but I do love the brand, wearing Khaki Vert now as I type :biggrin:) but it was a big white tote with big black CC's on the edge.

    This girl was dressed very fashionably--super skinny jeans, nice long hair, the "Chanel" tote, etc. and it seemed she put a lot into her "look". Our neighborhood is not one of expensive homes and cars; lots of immigrants trying to make ends meet, etc. so I sincerely doubt her bag was real and if I had been closer, I would have been able to give a definitive "yes" or "no" due to Chanel's incredible attention to detail and quality.

    My question is this--though we condemn fakes, this girl obviously is into fashion and is doing her best to look great and cool and all. And the fact that she had this tote made me think she at least recognizes the Chanel brand and likes it. Or maybe she is watching Jersey Shore and likes Snooki's look :wtf: .

    I certainly was not going to stop my car and run out and say "you are carrying a fake--bad bad!" I honestly felt she was "working things" the best way she could with what money she had available.

    The fact that she can't afford real Chanel bags now doesn't mean that she won't some day in the future and this tote is, at least, something that is satisfying her desire and making her feel fashionable.

    I am guilty of being a fashion softy, I was a kid once too trying to look cool and all and I had never heard of Chanel (and I so wish I could still wear those skinny jeans again).

    I hope you ladies go easy on me--I do have a 14 yr old niece who reads all the same fashion mags as I do, spent her graduation money on a Marc Jacobs bag, much her her father's (my brother) dismay--he said he knew I probably have influenced her, and knows she will be getting all of my stuff one day, though she does want that red Paddie right now--so I am doing my part as the crazy aunt educating her as to fakes, authentic, etc. Sorry this is so long.
  2. Mods--please move this, it is in the ebay forum by mistake.
  3. I often see teens carrying fake LV and I think it's kinda sad. I think they have no idea about the brand except that the real thing is expensive and carried by celeb's.
  4. they just don't know any better. it prob is trendy to have those fakes in areas that they are easy to come by.
  5. Hi! This is discussed currently in our Handbags & Purses forum in several different thread :yes:
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