ok I know i'm supposed to be banned! but keep finding cute stuff

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  1. Ok, I am supposed to stop spending but I keep finding stuff I want! what do you think of these dresses?



  2. o and this one
    Miss Closet - D22601 - Grey-Yellow - Front.jpg
  3. i like the two grey, ruffled dresses (top row) and the yellow one!
  4. I like the first three, but not the yellow.
  5. The 2nd one is unique & pretty hot. I'd like the 4th if worn with a belt or something!

    Don't care for 1 or 3.
  6. my faves are 1,2 and 4. but can't decide
  7. I like the yellow one with a belt!
  8. I love them all - the yellow one would look great with a belt.
  9. My favorites are 2 and 3 - like the purple the most though :smile:
  10. I like the second grey one!! Very different!
  11. The only one I like is the purple one and even then i would wear it with a cardigan
  12. Not cute enough to go off a ban for, imo.
  13. Really like 1 and 4, go ahead treat yourself!! i must stop shopping also!! *bad bad shopping* :lol:
  14. I know my hubby is telling me I need to stop!!!! LOL So I have too :crybaby:

  15. Thought I was the only one.. is there a thread on this?!