Ok, I know I'm addicted, but I need one more

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  1. I thought my collection was complete. In fact, I have not yet even carried my newest H bag (embarrassing, I know, but she's more of a winter and dressy bag and I'm in summer and casual mode now). But somehow I feel compelled to hunt for another....one more 30 birkin...How do I stop myself? If I find one, will it still be pre-price increase? no Paris trips in my near future, but I will be in London and Rome...how do the prices (and inventories) there compare with U.S.?
  2. Very, very hard to find a Birkin on the shelf in London, only ones I've ever seen were 25's in seasonal colours such as lagoon. Not sure about Rome though

    I believe a 30 Birkin in London would be around £3750ish
  3. Thank you, Mooks. So, if I got lucky and found one, after VAT refund, would be flat with prices here.
  4. No I think it would be a bit cheaper as £3750 is $7500 minus approximately 10% for the VAT refund would make it $6750
  5. even better! I love an enabler! Thank you!
  6. Always happy to oblige in that capacity! :tup: