Ok, I know I shouldn't but I need too

  1. So I have gotten 2 new bags with in the last month or two. But I am already looking for something new. I don't know what I want. I really like the denim pathcwork line but I wear jeans and I think it's tooooo much denim with jeans. What do you think? I just got my new Juan Les Pins Espadrille Mules and those are denim. I can wear those with jeans and even that's a little much. So I am kindas stuck. I'm looking for a fun flirty bag for the summer.

    Ladies (and gentlemen) help me out!!
  2. I have the blue denim neo speedy but don't wear it w/blue denim. Love the bag, just not w/blue denim. What about the patchwork pouchy? I think that is what it is called. It is super cute and as a small shoulder bag wouldn't be right against your jeans. Would make a very flirty bag for summer!
  3. I wear my denim bags all time the time with jeans. I have gotten tons of compliments. I don't think its too much.
  4. oo, I forgot to mention I need a semi-large bag. Alonbg the lines of the Speedy or Neverfull. I have a lot O' stuff!! My girlfriend has the Neo speedy and it's cute but not for me..Am I being to picky?!:sweatdrop:
  5. you have a budget in mind?
  6. I think something Vernis or Multicolor would be nice.
  7. The Black denim Cabby is TDF! If you get it in black, you can wear it with regular blue jeans and it won't be overkill!
  8. Multicolor Mono is definitely fun and flirty. You should consider one.
  9. The Cabby is a good choice. Or the Baggy PM?

    No worries, 2 new bags within the last month isn't excessive. I've acquired 4 new bags and 3 new accessories in the past two months and I'm getting another one this week :sweatdrop:
  10. agreed! :yes:

  11. ITA! :tup:
  12. I wear my blue patchwork speedy with jeans all the time. I get a ton of compliments, too. I don't think it's overkill. I keep my tops very simple and chic.
  13. I was really loooking into that bag. I think it's a mix of a few hottness flavors!! I really have no budget in mind..But I probably should. Does anybody kno wif they make any other bags with the trunks and bag design? Other than the pouchette?!
  14. For a fun flirty design, I would go with something in the MC or Vernis line. And the Cabby is super HOT!
  15. I have the white MC wallet and it gets dirty the more I use it. Would a bag get dirty easily? The white MC?