OK, I just received the dreaded SNAD!

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  1. I"m so annoyed. I sold a pair of Christian Louboutin boots a few weeks ago and the buyer left me positive feedback "Lovely shoes just as described! A++++++++++++++++++ all the way! Thank you!". Two days ago she sends me an email claiming the boots are fake and she wants her money back. I responded to her email saying that I'd be happy to work with her to resolve this and asked her if she could please tell me where she had them authenticated. Today I get the SNAD dispute and 5 minutes later get the notice that it has been escalated to a claim. Although I haven't sold anything in quite a while, I've been an eBay member since 2001 with a 100% positive feedback rating with over 1100 transactions. This is the first time anything like this has happened and I really don't know how to respond now. A little background on the boots - I bought them on eBay in March from a VERY reputable seller. At the time, I had the auction verified by the ladies here in the CL forum and as expected, they were authenticated. After I got the email from the buyer claiming they were fake I posted the photos I took for my auction listing and asked them to verify them. AGAIN, they were deemed authentic. So, my question is - what do I do next?

  2. The buyer will, most likely, have to prove to Paypal that the boots are authentic/fake with a letter from a reputable person/company. There's nothing more for you to do until Paypal contacts you with what to do next.
  3. Under these circumstances, I think it is in the backyard of the buyer.

    She left you positive feedback and she probably studied the boots long and hard

    before she put her bid in for them.

    I would let her know firmly that the boots are authentic and have been authenticated

    by several reputable people. See how she responds if not let her prove to you they are

    not real. Maybe she has buyers remorse?
  4. She's going to have to find someone who will say they are fake, in writing, to continue her claim. Do CL stores authenticate in writing? Probably not... Unless she can find someone to authenticate (or non-authenticate) that Paypal will accept as a 3rd party expert, you are probably okay.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad that she has to provide proof that they're fake - good luck with that. I asked her where she got them authenticated and she never responded to me.

    There's no doubt in my mind that it is indeed buyers remorse. It's frustrating because I now have a negative balance in my PayPal account.
  6. That is the unfortunate thing and hopefully this will work out for you.

    Pursue this as best as you can.
  7. Why did she leave positive feedback then be unhappy about it. Sounds dodgy to me....
  8. Sounds like buyer's remorse to me...

    GL and hope all ends well!
  9. Sorry you are going through this. I always heave a sigh of relief when I get positive feedback as I feel the transaction is done. To have someone come back way later and make a claim -- yikes.
  10. Ugh this is why I can't stand eBay anymore. These flaky buyers drive me insane.

    Hope it works in your favor.
  11. Keep us updated on how it turns out! I know PP has started to take an approach where they force sellers to take returns (even though eBay forces sellers to list a return/no return policy)...:blink: I don't get it but hope it works in your favor.
  12. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised but PP ruled in favor of the buyer.:censor:

    Has any seller ever even won a claim? Now what happens if they send back the boots worn or damaged? I suppose I have to eat that too.:rant:
  13. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm going through a claim myself. It's a nightmare. Completely ruins your day! Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, as I only responded to the claim yesterday and PP is still investigating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  14. I hate this for you, I know exactly how u feel. Seems my Ebay buyers seem to think ebay is now a rental place or something, they buy something just long enough to wear or use it then want to return it. In the last 3 months I have had snads filed on 2 Items I sold, 1 was a coach tote that was in perfect condition buyer kept it 13 days then filed a snad claiming it was filthy and stained. I provided all my auction pics, she provided 0 and paypal ruled in her favor just on her word alone, she returned the bag to me. The bottom was full of sand and it has a big tanning oil stain all down one side of the lining. Basically she wanted a bag to take on vacation with her. I filed an appeal with paypal and still lost despite my auction photos clearly show the bag was not in this condition when I sold it. I just recently sold a clutch and had it returned after 18 days with a snad claim saying it was damaged and the clasp was broke, got it back clasp isnt broke it was in perfect shape just as I had sent it with one exception, the interior zip pocket had a printed cocktail napkin from the wedding of Sherry and Randy! So I guess she just needed something nice to carry to a wedding but couldnt afford to just buy it. If your boots were authenticated and she left positive feedback my bet is she probably wore them a couple times and now has no need for them or found something she wants more and knows that crying fake is a sure fire way to get her money back. Whewww sorry bout the ranting. Just irks me that buyers are pulling this stuff.
  15. So sorry to hear this OP! Paypal makes me so angry. First of all because there's no warrant to her claim (boots were authenticated). Secondly, and this should be a concern for everyone else, the buyer cried fake, Paypal bent over, and is allowing it to be returned. The boots are authentic so at least you're getting them back but a friend of mine recently did receive fake shoes and she was just told to send them back to the seller (auction listing was removed). Paypal's support of unsubstantiated claims makes me mad. :mad: ESPECIALLY, when they don't even seem to bat an eye lash to an appeal about condition. :hs: