OK ...........I just need to tell someone who will listen, you may not care but .....

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  1. My New Year's resolution was ....To be a better Housekeeper,:shrugs: Not that I was bad at first but you know, the laundry might not have always got folded right after the clothes were just finished drying or maybe the dirty dishes could wait a lil while nothing major but I'm trying hard!................. It is such HARD WORK!:sweatdrop:.....It seems like I don't have enough time for Tpf anymore, I am late on the 'up to the minute news' Sub-forum. New Celeb pics and news......WOW I just miss you guys, When I find the time to log on my children:heart: are home from school and they beat me to the computer! OK now that I've told someone I feel better!:p
  2. That's a good resolution.:tup: Housework is hard, repetitive and boring, so good for you!:flowers:
  3. Make your kids do some chores so you have more time for tPf!!! :p
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. Yeah preferably some chores that take long enough for you to read the celebrity forum LOL
  6. It's hard being a mom and keeping up around the house and finding time for yourself too. Best wishes to you for figuring out a balance.
  7. Ugh!!!! I should take notes!!! I HATE housework! I hope we see you around more often.
  8. Yeah!!!!!!! There ya go! See you need to come around more. We'll give ya solutions!!! Way to go, claire!!!
  9. Good luck with you New Year's resolution
  10. It is not easy to keep up with kids, house, job, etc. But I do find it satisfying to have a neat house.
  11. this is my resolution too....it sucks....but don't forget to make some time for yourself :smile:
  12. This is on ongoing battle of mine as well. I try to get everyone to pitch in usually it is just me because my messiness threshold is a lot lower than everyone elses. Good luck, but do make sure you set some time to yourself else you will get really frustrated.
  13. Great resolution! Remember to have some "you" time everyday to relax and catch up with tPF girls. :yes:
  14. If it's in your budget, I highly recommend hiring a housekeeper! DH and I just hired one and there's no more issues around a clean house!
  15. This is one of my many resolutions! We are moving in a week and I am hoping to start fresh with the new house!