ok i just got the urge...

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  1. i see a wallet i like on fashionphile...
    as of now my whole collection is monogram!
    i want to change that by getting a new bag hopefully by the end of this month but it cant hurt to have two lv wallets?
    ive had a long week at school past all of my test with a's i deserve a treat!
    i think im going for it!
  2. Definitely OK to have more than one LV wallet .. :biggrin:
  3. What kind of wallet are you looking at ?
  4. i meant passed my test LMAO @ past
  5. which wallet are you thinking about?

    i have a Mono Sarah that i just love but think about getting a Pomme Zippy a lot. i haven't got one yet, i can't convince myself that two expensive wallets will be used. while a change bags once a week i'm not sure i'd change wallets a lot. maybe use the Zippy for 6 months (cooler months) and switch to the Mono for the warmer months???
  6. totally fine to have multiple LV wallets. I have a vernis zippy and an ebene international. They are so well made and so worth the price !!! and great compliments to our LV bags!! Go for it !! just make sure if youre buying preloved that its #1 authentic, #2 good condition, #3 not over priced (each person has their own idea of price, but I generally wont buy preloved unless its 40% off the retail price, otherwise to me I'd rather just go buy it new at the boutique)

    But go for it, treat yourself. What kind of wallet??
  7. I strongly suspect that no one here will tell you it's not okay to have more than one LV wallet! :lol: Seriously though, if you're going to use it - why not? You deserve it, so treat yourself!

    I have my Zippy Compact Wallet in Ebene which serves as my daily wallet - plenty of space for all my cards etc, and also my Pocket Agenda in Taiga Glacier which I use as an evening wallet. Both are great pieces and I get lots of use out of them!
  8. Do you have pics of your pocket agenda showing whats inside? I am curious how that works. Do you have to fold the bills to put them in the compartments?
  9. I've just taken this for you - just transferred the cards I'd normally take with me on a night out, and the paper money that was in my wallet, with some receipts on the other side. I don't need to fold my cash to fit it in, and I'm sure US bills are smaller than British money so assuming Canadian money is too you should be fine!

  10. Thanks! Canadian bills are about the same size as US bills, but canadian bills are prettier!! (theyre all different colours! Blue, purple, green, red, brown - the only yucky coloured one, but its the 100$ one so it makes up for it!!!)

    Good to know, thanks boyoverboard. Do you put this pocket agenda in your jacket breast pocket? or hand carry? or front/back pant pocket?
  11. It's a international wallet! Don't wanna give away too many hints for the reveal. It was less than 400 with shipping!
    I'm pretty excited about it! I'll have a reveal next week when it comes in!
  12. Love my international wallet !!! its great!!! even fits your iphone in the coin compartment (without coins in it though!) Great wallet, congrats!
  13. It does!!? I just got a new iPhone case that outer box one was just too big!
    I was thinking I can use the wallet as a cute little clutch and the fact that my iPhone can fit in there makes me even more excited!!
  14. i have the iphone 4 with original iphone 4 bumper from apple and it fits perfectly! canadian passport fits too (just)
  15. I have a case for my iPhone that just makes it a tad bit thicker. I always drop my phone if I don't have a case on it and i dropped my first iPhone 4 so bad my front screen shattered to pieces. Ever since I got my 2nd one it stays in a case. I haven't dropped it since I've had it and it's been 10 months! Hopefully it'll fit in there with/ the case how well does it hold bills and how many cc do u put in each slot?