OK I just got the free gift from GUCCI!!!

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  1. For those of you that read my previous post entitled "I just opened the wallet..you'll never believe this....." you'll know what I'm talking about...The free gift was delivered (at work becauue I had to sign for it...) It's a candle!!! :Push: I was so hoping it was going to be something other than that! It is the guccissima scent...probably b/c I just ordered the guccissima wallet!...(I WILL post pictures..just haven't had a chance...)...It is about 4" high in a brown frosted glass w/ the guccissima pattern all over it.....I LOVE GUCCI..but this candle smells like s**t!!!!..Too funny...I guess I'm only human..I was hoping for a little coin purse or something......Holy..my whole office smells now! Maybe I'll put it in my closet to make it smell like GUCCI! LOL!
    :heart: Emmy
  2. LOL, oh my. I don't kow what else to say.
  3. OK I just went on the website...the candle is on there...it's $90.00!!!! I'm not cheap but you have to be kidding me..I would NOT pay $90.00 fro this candle!.....I'm not complaining though..the whole experience was memorable and enjoyable.....kuddos to the SA! He was a darling!
  4. HA! I really thought it would be a GC... can you take it to the store and get a $90. store credit :smile:
  5. Hahahaha...that's a great idea - a credit towards your next Gucci bag purchase!!!

    A candle...that's pretty disappointing...ah well...still free though!!! :P
  6. That is disappointing. I thought maybe you would have gotten a keyring or a change purse also.
  7. Ah well, free is good ! :yes: (even if the candle is crappy and stinky !)
  8. It's still a good gesture for your honesty and kindness!

    If I'm reading correctly and you're saying the glass is frosted with the guccissima pattern and the thing that's bothering you is the candle smell itself... can you not pop the candle out of the glass holder and put in a nice smelling candle of your choice?

    lol.. you should post up a pic of your bag, your matching wallet, AND the candle/holder! Good "story" pic! heehee
  9. Wow, I read your previous thread and I was wondering what they would send you. I can't believe they sent you a candle! Hey, something is better than nothing.
  10. :roflmfao: i'm laughin' !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm on it! You are a hoot!! :heart: Emmy
  12. LOL...I thought they were going to send you a small coin purse or something as well. At least it's free! Enjoy your new purse and a free candle!
  13. Aw Emmy. Congrats on the candle. At least you got a gift. Poor little old me has never had any problems to get a gift. But let's not make this about my inability to get a gift. Let's talk about the candle!

    You could give it as a gift. Christmas will be here sooner than you know it.
  14. lol a candle??? i wouldve rather gotten a keyring or something. i mean it's not too far off in pricing?? lol

  15. I know it...Unfortunately I don't have any friends that would appreciate it..I mean I am the one with the purse addiction..you know? If you were here I'd give it to you!! I think I'm going to put it in my CLOSET lol..It is such a pungent aroma maybe it will make my closet smell like guccissima!!! :heart: Emmy
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