Ok I just found out bag is back in stock?????

That mark jacobs bag looks like an evening bag to me; I think it is the high handle/strap - reminds me of a satin evening bag I got one year for a New Year's Eve party. I don't see this as a practical summer/everyday bag; but, that is just MHO.

You should buy whatever bag you like best and can get the most use out of.
i still like the one hobo looking one... was it ok to use hobo??? well it sorta looks like one but not.... hmmm, man i'm just typing for the sake of typing!!! SORRY!!!!

i should of just said, i'd go with the other one not the clutch! :smile:

from helen
SweetTreat said:
Posted wrong pic here is the one Im keepingNeiman Marcus Online - Emilio Pucci - Printed Clutch this is the one I decidedPucci Delight to not get which do you like better???????????????? They only have one of each would love some feed back

I hope you stayed with the clutch style, the print goes beautifully as a clutch or a shoulder bag. The other one (pouch style) was nice too, but if I had to chose...I'd go for the clutch.