Ok I just can make a decision on this. Opinions please!!

  1. I have the slim flap new w/tags on it. Got it for $198 at Nordstroms clearance table. Would you keep this bag, or return it, get the $$, then add some of my Coach giftcard to get the ergo tote. It just really bugs me to pay over $300 when these bags are at the outlets for under $200, but that's neither here nor there because I dont have ready access to an outlet. So which bag to you like better, and why? Also I want to get a pleated ergo tote when they come out - is one of these too similar? I prefer to have a large variety in my bags. OK thanks for the opinions!
    ergo1.jpg ergo tote.jpg
  2. I LOVE the ergo tote, but I agree w/ you in paying more for it when they are in some of the outlets for less....but if you have no access to the outlets, if you want it you would have to pay full price. I DO think the pleated ergo totes will be very similar to this bag, and that flap bag is ADORABLE!!!!! Geez...I am no help....sorry!!!!
  3. hmm I like the flap better, than with the money you will save put it towards the pleated one! :tup:
  4. I like the Ergo tote better, but it would be very similar to the pleated you want...
  5. I agree. IMO you should keep the flap (it's so CUTE!) and get the pleated ergo later..if you get the ergo now you won't use it as much when you get the similar looking(?) pleated ergo later. I know this is off-topic, and perhaps not the right place to mention it, but I keep hearing about the pleated ergo, but I can't seem to find a pic anywhere. Does anyone have a pic they could share?
  6. I would hold on to the flap if you are planning on getting the pleated Ergo tote because you like variety and the tote and pleated Ergo would be too similar.
  7. I dont think we've actually seen any pictures of the pleated ergos yet, but I believe they had a pleated ergo out a year or so ago that someone had photos of and they were really beautiful. it would be kinda funny if we were all waiting for these bags to come out and they were truly fugly!!
  8. i say keep the flap since you got it on clearance and probably won't get the ergo tote on sale clearance.
    then wait and get the pleated tote!
  9. I agree with everyone else .....keep the flap because its cute, different and you got a great deal and then save up for the pleated tote. This way you have a flap bag AND a tote.:yes:
  10. Ergo tote!
  11. ITA!:yes:
  12. I agree with the general consensus here. Keep the flap and wait for the pleated. Great deal!
  13. :yes::tup: I agree!
  14. haha! thanks donnalynn11...they sound nice. I don't think I remember them, maybe I wasn't quite the coach freak then, as I am now, though!
  15. There was someone who bought this bag (flap)for their mother in law and dh said they could keep it, was that you ? I like the tote better