OK, I have to have the khaki/ebony signature - but which style?


Which one in the khaki/ebony signature

  1. Mandy

  2. Shoulder

  3. Ali

  4. Hippie

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  1. I'm tall, 5'10" and average build (not skinny) - I know I will regret not getting something in this combo, because every time I see someone with it, I ooh and ah over it. Here are my choices:
  2. dude...do what I did...buy two!

    I vote shoulder...as i love mine
  3. I love the shoulder in this color/combo.
  4. Ohhh... shoulder 100%!!!

    I have the shoulder bag in Pond and :heart: it!!! It's a great style!!
  5. I voted shoulder too, but I also like the Mandy. I have two pieces in this combo, both the small shoulder flap and the shoulder bag. It really is stunning in person.


  6. It is a stunning combination. I found one at the outlet in a Mandy, but have decided to sell it. I just don't carry signature. I've tried a couple of times when I get great sig bag deals - and it's just not me. (I also got a sig stripe large tote in crimson that I've decided to sell. I bought it 3 months ago and wanted to love it to carry it, but it hasn't happened!) The Mandy is gorgeous, but it's BIG! Depending on how much you carry, you might like the Ali or shoulder bag best.
  7. Forgot to say - ixnay on the ippiehay.
  8. krispin - your pics are awesome! thanks!
  9. If money isn't a problem, I'd get the Mandy AND the shoulder :smile:
    If I could only get one, I'd get the shoulder..
  10. LOL, I can NOT do both. thanks! It seems pretty unanimous for the shoulder, I will check it out at lunch! thanks!
  11. Yea!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    We're such good enablers... :graucho:

    BTW... Your avatar is TDF...... :drool: :drool: :girlsigh: Indigo is dreamy....
  12. I love this combo in the Ali! When I get home tonite, I'll post some pics!
  13. I have the signature slim flap which I am debating whether is lighter than the Ali it looks just like it...beautifl colors..
  14. Definitely the Ali! She's just the right size with a little extra room. I know you will enjoy whatever you choose:smile: