Ok, I have no friends in CHI-town but wanna visit Chicago , anyone wanna meet ????

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  1. Ok, I love Chicago and I'm thinking of moving there next year. I want to see what it's like in the winter but to also enjoy the ambiance during this time of year, but I don't know anyone that lives there. I would like to meet some gals for lunch/shopping, basically having a nice time. I've been to Chicago before, but never to the MBMJ store and I'd like to visit it and just find out first-hand knowledge about the city....I figure I can start with someone with whom I have something in common...like bags.

    Please contact me on here....if you're interested and we can exchange info, etc. The more the merrier, we could probably go to lunch at the Grand Luxe Cafe or somewhere nice ( I love this place) and then shopping and see a movie ( I love international films) etc and maybe if someone knows a cool place to hang out in the Chi, we can go there. I wanna just have a fun day and I'm thinking of taking the train down, just for the day though cuz hotels are expensive.

    Just some info about me:

    I'm a black african, 26 years old, going for my masters in clinical research and married (though we'll be separating soon), I love purses but more than that I love traveling, learning about new thngs, love discovering other people's culture and learning about their way of life. I'm interested in dancing and long discussions ranging from fashion to politics and history and right now I'm trying to get healthier.

    PM me if interested in a meet-up!
  2. Sadly, the MbyMJ store isn't open yet :sad: It originally was supposed to open last summer, then last month, now it's supposed to open sometime in January (no date provided). I do know of the best place to shop for handbags outside of the dept store - Bess & Loie's on Lake Street! great little shop that carried Hayden Harnett, Linea Pelle, Dautore and other new, up & coming designers!!

    I work in the city (across the street from the IL river) but live in the suburbs. I've worked downtown for 10 years now & love it!!! I live not far outside the city, about 15-20 minutes (we live so close, my husband drives me to work every day & picks me up!).

    I'd love to meet up somewhere/sometime - feel free to PM me anytime!

    When are moving here?
  3. I want to move to Chicago as well- from San Francisco!!

    I visited Chicago last summer, FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CITY, but I'd like to see what it's like in the winter time before I make a commitment and move out there. Meeting up w/ other bag-lovers seems like a great idea!
  4. I recently moved to San Francisco from Chicago (moved over the summer for law school) and I terribly miss that city. It is amazing! I know most people worry about the winter but I think the city itself makes up for the -20F days :smile:

    Aggie --- I would definitely meet up with you if I still lived there! Be sure to hit Frontera Grill...it's one of my favorites. Have a wonderful visit. It truly is a great city.
  5. we haven't really had any -20F degree days in quite some time. I think last year was the coldest it's been in quite a few years (I think we got down to 0 one night, with windchills in the -20 - 30 degree range) - the average is really been in the mid to upper 20s for most of the winter. We don't even get as much snow as we used to! I remember playing as a kid in snowfall of 8 or more inches - now, we're lucky if we get 4 inches at once.

    I've always told my kids how lucky we are to live here, that people travel from all over the world to see Chicago, and we can see the city from our backyard (literally!!) There's so much to see & do, and if you like to shop, there are plenty of great places to go!!!
  6. Now that I have been living in NC for 5 years, I do miss my hometown of Chicago. It is not the same, although I love Charlotte. If I could move back I would! You lucky girls who still live there.
  7. Ladies sorry about not responding till now....i will pm all you ladies to arrange something.

    i'm thinking abiut moving summer 2008, i just love it in chi-town

  8. angelisa, PM me perhaps we can do something after the holidays, I'm gonna contact ILUVMYBAGS
  9. I just moved to Chicago in September from California and I'm in love with this city! The shopping downtown is incredible but there are even more fantastic boutiques in some of the neighborhoods. I live in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area and there are so many great boutiques within walking distance it is unreal (not to mention Marc by Marc is less than 1/2 mile if it ever opens... LOL)!!

    PM me if you guys are going to meet up after the holidays!
  10. You lucky girls, I live in a small town in Virginia that has NO Marc Jacobs anywhere and not even Coach. If it were not for the internet I would go totally nuts, I am so jealous. I love the big city life but will never get to live it, hubby is not happy in the city so we live in the woods with the rest of the squirrels!!!