Ok!!! I Have News!!!


Sep 19, 2006
It may not be momentous, but it is something!!!

Yesterday Isaac didn't show for Sunday School which usually means he's not coming at all...but he did show up for Worship Service and when he sat down we naturally started talking. He started it I swear! Someone told him he'd have to lead singing in the middle of our convo, which included him saying "Missy I've got plans. I'll tell you all about them after church," so he started flipping through the song book. Then he stops and turns around and asks if I'm weraring my hair different. Yeah I was, straight instead of curly, and he said he liked it a lot, which is big for me, cause that the first time a guy, except for Dad, has ever complimented me to my face.

Anyway, he goes up and leads the singing part of the service, his mom played the piano, giving me a break, and then we had our yearly Lord's Supper service. We filed out of the church and I caught up with Isaac to find out what his plans were. Turns out, he's producing a play and he told me I had to audition cause he wanted me for the lead. He said "I'm the proudcer I can cast whoever I want." Which made me grin. Anyway, our friend Andrew walks up and asks what we're doing for the rest of the day. Neither one of us had plans so we just stood there for a few minutes. Isaac's mom and dad walked past and said they were going home, and his mom winked at me and told me to have a nice day.

Somewhere along the lines I say I'm hungry and Isaac goes "Where do you wanna go eat?" And, of course, Andrew jumps in and starts talking about the great restaurants in town. We decide on Shogun, a Japanese place 25 miles from our tiny town. Andrew and Isaac decide to meet up at Andrew's house so that Isaac can drive them both in and I say "I'll meet ya'll there...." Isaac spins around and says "Uh-uh, your riding with me." Not an offer, a command. Maybe he just didn't want to be alone with Andrew, but he made it clear he wanted me to ride with him.

So I jumped in the car with him and took off and as I passed my parents and neighbors and some more of their friends everyone was laughing and carrying on cause they all know. Mama said that when we turned the corner Daddy jokingly held his hands in the air and went "THANK YA LORD!"

Anyway we drive into town to pick up Andrew. Isaac drives like a maniac. It only helped the we got behind Andrew who drives like a little old lady. So Isaac was running up on Andrew's bumper and honking his horn and swerving behind him...being a really bad driver, but I knew he had it under control so I wasn't worried.

We picked up Andrew, who would not sit in the front seat...haha...and drove into the bigger town. And we talked and laughed and yelled at Isaac about his not labeling CD's when he makes them and about his collection of baskets and bags and a fake hand grenade in the back seat...

So finally we make it to Shoguns, alive. We get seated in a room that's full at a table that's empty. I sit on the corner, on the left side of the table...they're kind of in a ] shape with the grill in the middle where they cook your food. Anyway I sat on the corner there and Isaac doesn't even get set down until he gets up to go to the men's room and he whispers in my ear "Tell them I want water." And I say alright....

Anyway we get and laugh and I have to give the woman directly across the table from me a dirty look cause she's staring at me like I'm from Mars or somethng, and the waitress flirts with Isaac which makes me give HER a dirty look too, cause he's not flirting back.

Now, when they're done cooking the food, they save some shrimp to toss to you for you to catch in your mouth. The other couple at the table with us had 2 kids, so the kids went first and then the cook turned to Isaac, who had ordered the exact same thing my Dad always does, which was a lil freaky, and said "Ok sir?" And Isaac said "Uh-uh" and pointed to me and laughed. I gave him a look and shoved a piece of steak with white sauce, which he doesn't like, in his face got get back at him...thank god I caught the shrimp! He clapped for me.

Then, check time came. We'd all ordered on seperate checks. But the minute mine comes, Isaac grabs mine and says "Don't you dare." Andrew throws his at Isaac and laughs.

We get back in the car and have a deep religious conversation all the way home. At one point, I thought he was gonna hold my hand. I was sitting kind of catty cornered in the seat so that I could see Isaac and Andrew both while we were talking and in order to keep myself balanced I had my left hand on the edge of the seat. Now Isaac drives a Ford Focus and there is just the emergency brake between the drivers seat and the passengers seat...so I've got my hand wrapped around the edge of the seat and puts his hand on top of the emergency break but lets his pinkie rub my hand for a while....until someone almost had a wreck in front of us, then he put both hands on the wheel....anyway Isaac drops Andrew off at his house and he and I drive back to my house....unfortunatly my sense of direction is severly altered and even though he knew where I lived, he wasn't sure how to get there and which house EXACTLY was mine. So he missed the turns and had to turn around but he said "It's not driving fast that gets the ladies, it's the ability to make a satisfying U-Turn." And grinned at me.

We finally got to my house and he pulled up to the door and let me out he said "We'll have to do this again soon. I really had a great time." And we said our goodbye's and he left.

Anyway I had a marvelous day and we all planned to do it again really soon....it was so much fun. He asked me about my ex-boyfriend that was tehre at church last Sunday and asked if there was still anything going on there and I said no that I'd hung onto it for a while but finally got over it. And he talked to me about his ex-girls and said that he hadn't found anyone that he'd wanted to date since his last bad breakup but then he said "That could change soon." And I thought...."was that directed at me or... what?"

But anyway that's the latest development!!!!


Sofa King Blonde!
Feb 4, 2007
You had nostalgia Merika I had palpitations! Nothing could ever drag me back to will he wont he scenario - Too old, too long in the tooth and I now know exactly what I want!

In total agreement for the 40lb though :nuts: but mine is roughly half that - (I've not had kiddies) just fantastic food, drink and amazing parties over the last 17 years!


Jun 7, 2006
I wouldn't mind going back -- if only to lose about 40 pounds I've picked up since then!

But oh, the memories of "Will he....won't he....what's he thinking about?....Is he REALLY going to hold my hand???" I had some serious nostalgia after reading Missy's post.

Me too... I miss the butterflies and anticipation... and the overwhelming feeling of excitment/happiness when it finally happens.