Ok, I have gone over the edge!

  1. Ok.

    My turn! I finally broke down and purchased the Speedy 30 in Damier and purchased a strap. Yeah, I know. These go with the Alma, etc. But I explained that it was for travel, not for use every day. So if there are some of you can't comfortablly fit the handle on the crook of your arm, it can be done.
    Anyway, I almost bought the Tikal, but the Miss Practicality showed up at the counter. (this was Macy's Herald Square. I could have gone to Bloomies, but I was guess I felt embarassed. Because I went there two weeks ago. We have had horrible rain, so the SA nicely double bagged in these huge bags with a HUge box. I took it in the subway. Talk about nervous!
    Also, I also purchased another moderately expensive bag within the past week, so it was $1500. I have to stop; this is ridiculous. While I'm at it, did we have recent posts about the care and feeding, so I ask lots of dumb questions? Thanks a lot!
  2. I have totally spent the same on bags in the past month. Eeek!! New LV Saleya, a Coach patchwork shoulder tote, and a small Coach pouch.

    (Fortunately I also sold a Gucci bag and another Coach bag during this time, but still.)

    I am definitely done for awhile, and the counter in my signature is actually going to help out I think. It will be nice to look down there and see "60 days since I bought my last handbag." ahhh
  3. Haha, we are all in the same boat, I have spent that much too! luckily, I got lots of things (2 LV & 4 Coach) so I SHOULD be satisfied for a while ... SHOULD. :graucho:

    Congrats on your speedy!
  4. Thanks! It's so beautiful, I am almost afraid to use it.
  5. CONGRATS on your new speedy!:love: Great bag! And don't get me started on going over the edge! I've spent my bag allowance for the next ten years in the last two months!!!:shocked: :lol:
  6. Thanks!
    I feel better. I think it was panic. You're always so encouraging. Went to dinnner later with it (Salad, no steak.)
  7. Aaak! huge LV bag on the train! I would've been soooo nervous.

    One day i went to FAO and got 3 big Penelope the Pup stufties. One for me and one each for my twin neices and took that huge bag on the train. I was nervous even with Penelope triplets, nevermind BIG LV! lol :roflmfao: