Ok, I have completely lost the plot...

  1. When I reserved the Limo chain bag plus wallet etc ensemble, my usual SA was off sick. So today I popped in to BV to make sure she was back and knew that I had made a partial payment towards these items.

    I thought I would also check out the shoes and maybe get a pair. Here is the damage following my visit: :wtf:

    BOTTEGA VENETA This is the link to the catalogue

    1) Page 17. Bottom right picture, brown peep-toe shoes on the right. :drool:

    2) Page 55. Pale pink ballerinas, second from the left. :wlae:

    3) Page 50. Bottom left picture, gold sandals on the left. :love:

    They were already running low on sizes. After my experience with BV shoes last winter, I know they are very comfortable and I like buying the items I really like early on in the season when my size is available. Also, I just started a new job and wanted to buy myself a gift (ended up getting too many now, what with the bag etc!) but this is my spring/summer bag and shoe shopping done now. Still, somebody slap me and tell me to stop! what do you ladies think? Especially about the gold sandals, do you think they are worth it? I love the heels and the ballerinas, I'll wear them to death this season. In Summer, I live in havaianas on the weekends and on holiday, but I want to look more stylish and the rubber flip flops (as we call them here) don't cut it, which is why I got the gold sandals.

    Thanks for reading :roflmfao:
  2. very cute expecially the brown peep toe shoes.
  3. I want to shout out to you...you made some gorgeous choices!

    BV just has beautiful shoes...enjoy them!!!
  4. Wonderful choices!!! :heart: Congrats!!!
  5. If you're looking for someone to tell you to return something, it's not going to be me. Those are all beautiful, chic, and fun. I was in the Chicago BV shop yesterday and saw the ballerinas and the peep-toe shoes. They are even nicer in person, aren't they?

    Interesting that you posted this because I tried on a pair of woven toe loafers in Ebano and said I'd think about it. Now I'm wondering if I should call the SA and tell him I want them! This is catching.
  6. Darn, I need a new job.:wondering

    Ebruo, good on you girl!!! I would have done exactly the same :lol: (again, the rational me :wtf: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: )

    Now, you’ll only need new clothes to go with the fabulous bag and those killer shoes! :graucho:
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Oh ebruo!! How I would kill for those ballerina flats!! They are SOOO pretty! :love: I can imagine you will get SO much wear outta those brown peep toed pumps. And those gold flats are just PERFECT for weekends :tender:

    That's some serious damage done, no doubt, but you're gonna be perfectly outfitted for the entire season! :yes:
  8. ^^Well said by Nymph, I absolutely agree with what she said!:nuts:
  9. Just had a chance to take a peep at the catalogue during lunch break. Fabulous selection for summer, Ebruo. I am a huge fan of peep-toe pumps as they are classy and could easily be worn for work and soirees. Did you get those in brown or mauve?

    I am not a fan of gold shoes generally but I like the design on the BV sandals, simple yet chic and most importantly, its matte gold. I could just imagine you, sporting a tan, in those sandals with a white linen dress/linen pants during summer! No doubt rather pricey but totally worth it, yeah?

    And don't you just adore the ballerina flats? Love the Poudre colour, again perfecto for summer. Did you try those with the coin purse?
  10. Hi Ms Piggy darling, I got the brown peep toes, they are very comfortable. I saw the ones with the little coin purses,but haven't tried them on. After I paid for them, I left my babies in the store as I was going out. I will pick them up tonight and maybe try those ones and report back.

    Boxermom, I saw those loafers, they had tiny heels, right?

    Now you'll all recognise me when you see me this Summer! The blonde with the great shoes and no lunch money!
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I wouldn't have any lunch money either if I were to "see" you in person - would have spent all my moolah getting to London! :p
  12. Hey Nymph, at the very least, I promise the drinks will be on me if you're ever this side of the pond x
  13. Oooops Nymph, you're in Singapore not US, sorry. I meant this side of China!
  14. I swear, ebruo, you crack me up!! :roflmfao:
  15. Beautiful!!!

    I love gold sandals and I think they'll look fab and very stylish and chic!