Ok, I got my Apple Leather Conditioner.....

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  1. ......so tell me ladies.... I have the camel Legacy Shoulder coming I won on Ebay last night.....lots of scratches particularly on the bottom of the bag. Please tell me step by step what you would do with the Apple when it arrives....PLEASE??
    Also I found the Apple in the 8 oz. size at Burlington for $4.95. Thanks so much for all your help. Looking forward to me new bag!!! Pic below....

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  2. Assuming all you have are scratches and scuffs (no stains or transfer), just use an old white sock or rag to rub Apple gently and liberally all over the bag. Wipe off the excess and let it dry overnight (hang over a hanger). After drying, buff the whole bag with a soft cloth and you're good to go!