Ok,I give in!gettin a newbie but need some help!!!!

  1. Ok, I gave in and have called an outlet store (my hubby is going to KILL me!) Some of the bags they have in black (I don't currently have a black one so thats my justification!) I am a bit stuck as I don't really know the following styles, could anyone tell me what they look similar to,or post pics,I would be extremley grateful!!! At the mo I'm cosidering a black Rosemary,but I;m a bit reluctant as I have a Roxanne and a Blenheim in chocolate already. Thanks so,so much in advance!!!!
    Benedict,Babington and Knightsbridge.xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Knightsbridge is a similar shape to the Somerset tote. Don't know the Benedict or Babington, sorry. Try doing an internet search, it might bring something up.

    I'd be tempted to go for one of the classic Mulberry styles - Emmy, Alana, Phoebe, Annie.
  3. Totally agree about the Emmy,Alana,Phoebe and Annie, but they are'nt on sale in black, and I DARE'NT get another bag thats full price,Andy will divorce me!! ( a sale bag I kind of jusify...............a bit!!) Thanks for the info on the Knightsbridge,I am now a bit more wise on that one,and sounds like a strong contender now,as I don't really want another bag like my Roxanne,would like something different.And I tried on the internet,and spent nearly all morning trawling about without any real sucess. Thank you so much for your response!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. I like the babington out of the ones you mentioned- sort of bayswater shape without the flap and with a magnetic fastening. Not sure if that's much help!!!
    Knightsbridge is kind of bowler shape with a front pocket. have no idea about the benedict!
  5. The Shepton factory shop had Emmy, Alana and, I think, Phoebe and Annie in black. I recently got an Alana from them in black for £247 so way below the RRP. I totally agree about buying on sale, I've haven't bought a full price Mulberry yet and don't actually think I could bring myself to do it! It might be worth a call. When I spoke to them on Friday they had just discounted their bags again - you may well snap up a real bargain.
  6. I don't know if the other outlets have a sale, you could try them?
    Bicester 01869 322882
    York 01904 611055
  7. thank you all for responding to me,I have written all the numbers down,and one of the outlets is giving me a call back with a list of new stock in black tomorow as everthing else is gone! And I have never heard of the Benedict before today!!!
  8. PS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have just given the Mulberry shop in Mancheser a call to see if there is an outlet that is geographically a little closer to me,and the sa reckons there is one opening in Cheshire Oaks sometime in December! But I'm still going to hunt down a bag now and not wait until then as I have well and truly been bitten and I need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  9. I've just been told £416 for the Babington,does that sound like a lot,as a Bayswater is only a little more at £495? I am quite taken with the idea of one of those after the description Jo gave me,and I can't find an Alana,Annie, Phoebe or Emmy,and after looking at the dimensions for the gorgeous Knightsbridge,I think it may be a touch small for me which is such a shame!!!!!
  10. OMG that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have called the outlet shop and they have one at £416, 30% off retail its more than I wanted to pay but wow!!! Seriously, I think i'm calling them tommorow and paying by card,should get it by week-end!!!!! Thank you so much for your patience and detective work!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. Right thats it,I've had a while to think(I waited for the shop to close so I could'nt do anything rash) and made sure its ticked boxes for me, big enough for mine,Sophies and Andys stuff, can get in on my shoulder and keep my hands free, good color for crappy winter weather AND go with my winter wardrobe, not too structured so it can put up with some abuse and not look wrecked,
    AND its sale price!!! Plus I am the one sat home all day with a (blissful!) 16 month old so for that I deserve a bloody good treat!!! I won't sleep tonight now! Will post as soon as I have done the deed and of course when she arrives pics need'nt be asked for as I'll get them straight up!!!!!!!
    Jo,thank you so much,if I can ever return the favour,let me know!!!XXXXXXX:love:XX:heart:
    (when its open I'll gladly visit the Cheshire Oaks outlet and keep you posted for bargains!)xxxxxxxxxxx
  12. I think it's a lovely bag, different too!!
    Good luck, we have friends in Oswestry and quite often go to Cheshire Oaks, can't wait until the new shop opens!!
  13. The day it opens I'll post it on here!!!
  14. :yahoo: So glad you like the babington. I think it's a super bag. I was eyeing one up at York a few months ago but in the end went for a bayswater as wanted a work bag that could fit A4 papers in!
    Can't wait to see piccies when it arrives! :woohoo: