Ok I finally took an updated picture of my Chanels

  1. Ok I had nothing to do and finally took an updated pic. A few people have asked for a group picture so here it is. Finally, a bag for every occasion. I love all of these and use them all! :heart:

    OK, TOP 3 favorites of mine would be, RED JUMBO, BLUE PATENT REISSUE, and GREY REISSUE! SHHH!!!

  2. :drool:
  3. Wow, nice collection! :tup:
  4. What a great collection, I love the red jumbo :nuts:
  5. Simply awe-inspiring. You have a wonderful collection!
  6. OMG!!! Amazing collection!!!
  7. gorgeous:heart::graucho:
  8. great bags:heart:
  9. omg!!! they are alll sooo pretty and classy. great choices!!
  10. amazing bags Lucci!! Your collection is totally to-die-for, you have all the pretty pieces!
  11. Wow!!!! gorgeous collection!!! especially love the gray and red!
  12. Wow!!!!!!!!! Fabulous collection!!!!!
  13. lovely collection luccibag!
  14. i need to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

    AMAZING. i love the grey reissue & blue patent reissue sooooo much!!!
  15. Your collection to absolutely gorgeous. I can only hope to have a collection as wonderful like yours someday!