ok i finally have everyone together for a new family pic

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  1. since the arrival of ms mini lin croisette speedy...
    and the bubbles inclusion twins...

    i thought it was time for a family picture.

    LV count # 17 (and counting) yikes!

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  2. great collection, congrats!!!
  3. OMG!!!! Amazing collection
  4. Wow, very nice, I love everything!
  5. Lovely
  6. Great collection. Thx for sharing.
  7. oh and i forgot to add, here are some really bad modelling pics of the sunset blvd and the croisette speedy

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  8. You have such a beautiful "family":smile:
  9. excuse the dress, it buldged up a bit on the sides.. :cursing:

    but this was my outfit for an early xmas party that i was invited to.

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  10. lovely collection.
  11. I love your collection. Especially the papillon & the mini lin.
  12. great collection!
  13. great bags!! :tup: love the inclusion rings!
  14. Fabulous collection and thanks for sharing! Thanks for the modeling pictures
  15. Beautifully Collection.